…left the body on 1st February 2014

From Ketan we hear that Gyaneshwar (aka Gyan Lopez) from Barcelona, left his body on Saturday at 7pm in Tiruvannamalai, India. He was having dinner with friends, very happy and playful as usual, when suddenly he felt something, held hands with his friends and in a few minutes he was gone. It seems that it was a brain stroke. Some weeks ago, although he looked healthy, he said that he would like to die in Arunachala.

Gyan in deck chair
Gyan at laptop
Gyan portrait
Gyan taking photographs
Gyan with ox
Gyan in Arunachala with friends and rickshaw
with friends in Thiruvanamalai
Gyan 1992

He lived in Barcelona but loved to spend some months every year in Tiruvannamalai, meditating in Ramana’s ashram, sharing with friends and making photos. He was a great photographer, his unique way to capture Indian people always touched my heart. [See our two slideshows: Tiruvannamalai]

He was a very much loved friend in the Spanish sannyas community. He was a joyful and gentle being, always playful and with a very sweet sense of humor. Everybody loved to spend time with him and friends from everywhere invited him to stay with them. I loved to hang out with him in India and in Spain. He was so relaxed and so accepting whatever life was bringing that it was a delight to be around him.

Few days ago he sent me an email sharing that he was enjoying so much the simple life in Tiruvannamalai… His last words were: “Arunachala forever, my friend.”


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Dear and beautiful fellow traveler, I know you from all these years as sannyasin and later in Tiruvannamalai. I remember your light and happiness. Fly high, brother, fly home…

What a beautiful, loving and graceful way to leave this planet earth…. Fly high, Gyan, as the sky has no limit…

Hey beloved Gyan, my friend, the mellow one, the one who could be sweet and wicked and funny and compassionate all at the same time. I am missing all that could have been and will never be. Death stops me short of going far into the future. You left me now with empty hands but full of love. Thanks for dying quick, clean and ready. So many conversations are now even more significant. Old age pensions were not so important after all. Ha! I can hear your laughter. In many ways you will be always here, as long as there is a here to be. You were a miracle: the impossible made possible. The one who had time, friends, good humor, creative conversation, a warm heart and an unforgettable smile. I loved it all, from your quick temper to your “adios preciosa.” Adios precioso amigo. Gracias por haber tocado mi vida con tu corazon.

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