Osho and his Communes

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Kaiyum reviews the collection of 21 articles by Marc that were previously published in Osho News (PDF file updated 14.2.17).

Osho and his communes rev.A trip down memory lane for some readers.

For others, fascinating insights into sannyasin life in Europe in the 70s and 80s.

Yet other readers will discover valuable insights into the psychology of self-actualisation and motivation.

Marc Antar’s collection of 21 articles or stories makes a fascinating and easy read. If you only want the stories about life in the communes, great – there’s Cologne, Munich, Berlin. If you want more about the ‘go with the flow’ life of the sannyasin then there’s Crete and Rajneeshpuram. And if you’re interested in pre-digested and simply presented behavioural sociology, then Marc provides this, too, with a series of short but clear articles on subjects that affect most seekers on the spiritual path.

Marc has done his homework and is very much an expert on the here-now organisational structure of Osho communes. Looking for a great subject for a PhD thesis in sociology, behavioural science, psychology or economics? You couldn’t find a better starting point than in this collection!

Revised 4th edition available for free download (14.2.17)

Marc TNAntar Marc was born in Holland and took sannyas in 1983. He is an educated artist and has lived in the Osho communes of Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Rajneeshpuram and Poona. He studied Human Resources Management and since 1999 is a coach and lecturer for Management and Organizations at the European Fashion Business School. He lives with his beloved wife Prem Rana in Holland.

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