Stones and Plants have their Own Individuality


A tree knows something too.

For a long time we had no knowledge of this fact. When some people brought this to our attention for the first time, it seemed as if they were talking fiction; what they said sounded like a story from the Puranas. But now, even scientists are providing proof that a tree knows as well, that a tree listens too. The bark of some trees also has eyes – not like ours of course, but nevertheless, trees have the ability to see, to listen, to experience.

Osho Tree

Recently, I was reading about some experiments conducted at the de la Warr Laboratory of Oxford University. Through scientific means they have brought certain astonishing experiences to our attention. One of the most amazing experiences was that seeds from one packet were divided equally and sown in two separate flower pots. Both pots were given equal care and attention. Then a holy man, a monk, was asked to pray before one of the two pots so its seeds should sprout early, so they should bear flowers and fruit and attain to their ultimate potential. The same prayer was not made before the second pot.

To everyone’s great surprise the seeds in the other pot sprouted very late in spite of the fact that all arrangements for both pots were the same; there was not the slightest difference. The gardeners were neither informed of the difference nor given any instructions to treat them differently. Nevertheless, the pot which had been prayed over looked very distinguished. The seeds in it grew early, bore flowers and fruit early. All its seeds sprouted, while all the seeds of the other pot did not. Whatever seeds grew in the second pot took the normal time; their growth was slower. And there was a marked difference in the quality of flowers and fruit.

This experiment and many others were conducted in this laboratory, and to everyone’s surprise it was felt that plants are able to sense prayer too, that they are receptive to prayer too. An even more surprising experiment took place, one which caused great excitement. The holy man who was asked to pray was a Christian and he wore a cross around his neck. As he prayed for a particular seed with his eyes closed and his arms raised, the seed was photographed. And the photograph turned out to be spectacular, far beyond anyone’s comprehension. In the photograph of that seed the holy man’s cross and raised arms were clearly visible.

There are very
wide implications.
I believe these
experiments will prove
much more useful
to mankind
than the discovery
of atomic energy.

What does this mean? There are very wide implications. I believe these experiments will prove much more useful to mankind than the discovery of atomic energy. The seed is accepting, the seed is receiving something too. The seed has a consciousness too.

Indeed, it is asleep. Compared to man it looks even more asleep. And yet, there is a certain awareness in its state of sleep.

A rock looks even more asleep, but even its state of sleep contains a kind of awareness. Not all rocks are absolutely rocks, and not all rocks are equally asleep. Rocks have their respective individuality too. It was the search for their respective singularity that led to the discovery of precious stones; otherwise they would not have been found. Not just any stone is taken to be a precious stone. Also, don’t be under the wrong impression, normally created by applying the law of economics, that certain things become valuable because of their rarity. This is not how these stones are valued.

It is as if a buddha is standing somewhere and an ordinary man stands near him. If someone from Mars were to land on earth and come across these two men, how would he differentiate between them? He neither knows our language nor our culture nor our manners. He will only judge by appearances. If the Martian were to spend an hour or so watching these two men, would he ever observe any distinction between the two? Returning to his planet, he would not be wrong if he told his fellow Martians he had seen two people who looked very much alike. He had seen them both breathing, walking, talking, resting – and all alike. So when we see two pieces of stone, our understanding is similar because we are unaware of their individualities.

Some unprecedented
events will start
taking place
in your life
if you carry certain
kinds of stones…

Precious stones are a great discovery of man. Those who were able to read the stones in depth, able to go deep in their research, to connect with them, found out that even with stones, there are some which are awake.

Certain stones are more awake; certain others, more asleep. People also came to know that certain stones are awake in a particular direction and can therefore be used only for particular reasons.

Some unprecedented events will start taking place in your life if you carry certain kinds of stones, make a charm of them, wear them in a necklace or mount one in your ring – because such stones have their own lives too. With the ownership of a stone of that kind incidents will inevitably occur, because now you are in a symbiotic relationship with the stone. Without it such incidents would not happen.

There are stones which have a long history of misfortune. Whosoever possessed such a stone found himself in difficulty, found it hard to get out of it. And whenever the stone passed to someone else, he got into trouble too. There are stones which have a history of hundreds of years, and some of thousands of years, showing that whosoever possessed them was besieged by trouble. These stones are still very much alive, still doing their job; they will cause trouble to anyone who possesses them.

Then there are other stones that have brought good fortune to those who owned them, and became more and more costly. So stones have their own individuality, as do plants. In this world everything has individuality, and this individuality depends on the degree to which a thing is awake or asleep. In other words, to what extent the attention is active or inactive determines the individuality of a particular thing. You can look at it this way too: a dynamic attention means awareness, while a passive attention means sleep, unconsciousness. The ultimate passivity of attention is matter, the ultimate dynamism of attention is God.

Osho, And Now and Here, Ch 10 Q 1 (excerpt)

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