From the Web: Global Awareness — 15 February 2014

Tribal people living on their own lands generally thrive.

For example, the Dongria Kondh, the largest tribal group in Odisha, India, grow over 100 crops and harvest almost 200 different wild foods, which provide them with year-round, rich nutrition even in times of drought. They have courageously rejected attempts to be assimilated into the mainstream.

It’s crazy when these outsiders come and teach us development.
Is development possible by destroying the environment
that provides us with food, water and dignity?
You have to pay to take a bath, for food,
and even to drink water.
In our land, we don’t have to buy water like you,
and we can eat anywhere for free.

Lodu Sikaka, Dongria Kondh

This satirical film by Oren Ginzburg and narrated by David Mitchell shows how under the guise of development tribal people are robbed of their land, self-sufficiency and pride, leaving them with nothing.

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Credit to Rashid