A ray of love

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea (49)


I am so happy to have got your letter.
Can even a ray of love ever come
without the fragrance of joy?
And what is joy but the fragrance of love?
Yet the world is full of mad people
seeking happiness their whole lives –
but with their backs turned towards love!
The doors to God only open
when love turns into the prayer of our total being.
But perhaps his doors are already open,
yet eyes closed to love
will, even so, never be able to see them.

Osho talking

And what is this you write? Momentary contact?
No! No! How can love’s contact be so?
Love turns even a moment into eternity.
Where there is love
there is nothing momentary,
where there is love
there is eternity.
Is a drop just a drop?
No! No! It is the ocean!
The drop seen through eyes of love becomes the

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