Horoscope March 2014


Sitara says now it would be good to examine your personal life and inner motivation.

Pisces Aries

Sun 10° Pisces – 11° Aries
Moon 5° Pisces – 26° Aries
Mercury, direct from 1st 18° Aquarius – 19° Pisces
Venus 26° Capricorn – 25° Aquarius
Mars, retrograde from 1st 28° – 22° Libra
Jupiter, retrograde, from 6th direct 10° – 11° Cancer
Saturn, retrograde from 2nd 23° Scorpio
Chiron 13° – 15° Pisces
Uranus 11° – 12° Aries
Neptune 5° – 6° Pisces
Pluto 13° – 14° Capricorn
North Node 29° – 28° Libra
Lilith 30° Cancer – 3° Leo
New Moon 1st, 8.01 h GMT 11° Pisces
Full Moon 16th, 17.09 h GMT 26° Virgo
New Moon 30th, 18.46 h GMT 10° Aries

Mood of the Moment

In the first half of March new paths will be laid; however, things will remain rather low-key. With a retrograde Mars and Saturn slowing things down, a phase of reflection and introversion is beginning. Over the coming months no big projects should be planned unless they happen to be long-term ones and require sticking power. Concentration and discipline can be gradually increased during this period. However, the basic thing is to examine very thoroughly your personal life and your inner motivation, particularly in the areas of work, goals, sport and health.

Nevertheless, with a direct moving Jupiter and Mercury, and Lilith entering Leo, things are in some ways progressing – in your home and family life, in the spheres of education, science and communication. But also regarding everything related to creativity, spirituality and travel, steps can now be taken that could lead to a turn for the better before summer arrives.

The second half of the month is good for bringing new impulses into relationships, for expanding your contacts and seeking inspiration through your communicating with others – even though you may have to wait a while until you reap the benefits from these encounters. In general March should be seen as a month for building up your strength so you will be ready to meet the turbulence expected in April.


AriesAries: Over the last three months you have learned a lot about communication and co-operation. Now from the middle of March onwards you can start to bring some new ideas into your relationships and try them out. The time when you were the hero fighting alone is over for now. Togetherness and creating a harmonious style of relating is on the cards for the coming one and a half years. During this time you‘ll have many opportunities to develop the virtues of compromise, tolerance and patience.


TaurusTaurus: At some point during the last eighteen months you actually managed to step out of your comfort zone into real life – perhaps this was just recently. That was a brave move, and definitely the right thing to do. Even if the challenges it has brought are still with you, you‘re standing on firm ground again and know where you are now. This month too you‘re being pushed to get going and to allow change to happen. Remember to stay playful in this – experiment with yourself and be ready to experiment.


GeminiGemini: In the first half of March a development will mature that has been flagging up your limits since January, and on the other hand has been motivating and activating you. From the middle of the month onwards dive into everything with a potential to open you and expand your horizons – even if this means your usual boundaries could dissolve and with them the four corners of your world. Dare to enter unaccustomed spaces, be open to experiences for which you lack an experiential context. Then watch what happens – through healing, the sacred, magic and Muses.


CancerCancer: The first half of March is for you to expand your horizons. No matter in what area, no matter whether inner or outer, exceeding your usual limits will bring valuable and fulfilling experiences. From the second third of the month the energy will gradually shift towards more planning and a stronger need for clarity and structure. Put your ideas into practice without delay. From the 26th onwards a relaxation and feel-good programme is offered to you until the new moon in Aries on the 30th gets you going again.


LeoLeo: Actually everything is working out beautifully; however, you may be feeling unusually hyper-sensitive. Don’t fight against your vulnerability. It makes you human and loveable, and you are discovering more of its hidden strength. From the 20th onwards your vulnerability will be transformed back into your usual resilience, and your courage and enterprising energy will increase. However, the new moon at the end of March could make you very demanding. Enjoy what you have and be what you are – less than that will make you feel restless and unfulfilled.


VirgoVirgo: The main theme in March is relating; in other words it’s about balancing your male and female sides. Though it’s also about creating a balance between, on one side, your need to flow and relax, and on the other to order and make sense of things. Meditate on these questions: What belongs where? What is well-known and easy for you? What would you still like to grow, and what in you has so far hindered this? Both poles belong to being human, so make friends with them both, and invite them into your life.


LibraLibra: Over the course of this month your personal power and your spirit of adventure will grow. It will become easier for you to make a move because you trust in yourself and are more daring and independent. Remember when obstacles confront you this it not a cosmic sign that you‘re on the wrong path. It’s just something that can happen to us in life. You are creative and full of ideas, so think of ways to clear these hurdles. Get inspiration from others but be the captain of your own ship!


ScorpioScorpio: A phase of reflection is beginning now that will pull you deeper into your interiority up till the end of July. Not until November (and for late Scorpios not until 2015) will this process of inner redirectioning be complete, and will you be able to project your energy outwards again unimpededly. The most profitable attitude for you to cultivate in March is one of let-go. Stay in your power, but allow things to develop without interfering too much. The more you try to get everything under control the more complicated the situation will become.


SagittariusSagittarius: Now the wind is changing. In March it‘s about a new mental orientation and learning. You will get back your total trust in the way things are going, which may have got a bit lost. You recognise that all your worries were unnecessary, and perhaps you‘d have come through recent months in a more relaxed state if you had allowed yourself to fully savour their relative peacefulness. Remember this lesson between next December and April 2015 when a similar configuration will be in the sky!


CapricornCapricorn: The clarification processes in your relationships will be wound up during the first half of the month, and there will be more peace and stability. This will help you become more realistic and more relaxed. Then it will be less important for you to order and regulate everything in the smallest detail. Stay open for suggestions from outside, even if they threaten to shatter your horizon, or even lift your life off its hinges. It’s still not about taking initiatives, but being ready instead to seize a good opportunity.


AquariusAquarius: After you‘ve done the necessary work of clarifying things, and you’ve started some new initiatives in the first half of the month, follow the voice of your heart for the rest of March. She is not heard in your feelings but in your silence. So don’t go looking for answers but find situations that can help you be more peaceful. Out of stillness the necessary answers will emerge of their own accord – if they are necessary. In fact perhaps all you need is the silence of the heart, and everything else will come by itself. At the end of the month practice patience.


PiscesPisces: If you are not a perfectionist this month is perfect. However, if you‘ve a streak of perfectionism in you it can create tension in the first half of the March. Relax and allow yourself to be carried by life. In the second half of the month it’s about using and expanding your mental skills. Don’t be satisfied with Pi’s rule of thumb but get to the bottom of things, ask uncomfortable questions and risk a change of paradigm. If some of your views don’t stand up to being thoroughly tested, change your mind!


SitaraSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 13 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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