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Navyo shares his photos he took last autumn in Fairfax, California, USA.

Deer Park bridge
Golden leaves adorn a lane
Stairway to heaven
How green can you go?
Vintage street sign
Trees are people too
Guardian of the house
I always keep a Goddess handy. You never know.
Buddha on steps up to a house
Feminine balance
Marker for what is now Fairfax Library
My road
American mailboxes
Signs of Autumn
Stacked and ready for winter warmth
Redwoods in Peri Park
The road to Woodacre
Mt. Tam in the distance
Palms make this a California town
Let sleeping dogs lie


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I was taking an early walk after the rain here in Fairfax and moments kept jumping out at me. It was a magical fall morning and the fog was still hanging low. It seemed as if these moments were calling me to photograph them, like they wanted to be shared. I was just available with open eyes, present to their call.

This presence with the camera was a very connected experience, where subject, camera, self and the moment all blended into one.

The experience really inspired me to take photography as an art form into the realms of presence and connection. I look forward to sharing more of this with Osho News.

Gear: my trusty old iPhone 4 in HDR mode using BigLens and BlurFX apps.

NavyoNavyo grew up to 6 foot 5 in England, studied music in London before traveling to Pune to meet Osho in 1979. He has been the co-ordinator of the music department in Pune Two for several years and has participated in a number of CDs of Music from the World of Osho. After a decade or so in California, he now travels the world housesitting in wonderful locations, working on creative projects. facebook.com/navyoericsenconscioushousesitting.com

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