Horoscope April 2014


Sitara says: The fifth Uranus-Pluto square dominates the month bringing highly explosive conditions in which unexpected reversals may occur.

Pisces - Aries

Sun 11° Aries – 10° Taurus
Moon 26° Aries – 1° Gemini
Mercury 19° Pisces – 16° Taurus
Venus 25° Aquarius – 28° Pisces
Mars, retrograde 22° – 11° Libra
Jupiter 11° – 15° Cancer
Saturn, retrograde 23°– 21° Scorpio
Chiron 15° – 17° Pisces
Uranus 12° – 14° Aries
Neptune 6° – 7° Pisces
Pluto, retrograde from 14th 14° Capricorn
North Node 28° Libra
Lilith 3° – 6° Leo
New Moon 1st, 8.01 h GMT 11° Pisces
Full Moon, 15th, 7.43h GMT 25° Libra
New Moon 29th, 6.15h GMT 9° Taurus

Mood of the Moment

The fifth Uranus-Pluto square dominates the month bringing highly explosive conditions in which unexpected reversals may occur. Events will follow what have been cooking since 2012, with August 2013 and January 2014 also playing a role. For some people creative opportunities will open up that go far beyond anything they previously imagined. In this energetically loaded time it’s about staying in the flow – physically, mentally and spiritually. And especially if we’ve had the feeling for a long time that we’re stuck in a rut, a chance could now be offered to free ourselves.

This liberation lies first and foremost in a change of attitudes. And the first step is to acknowledge the advantages we’ve been getting by remaining in a situation in which we’re unhappy. Only then the second step of deciding to renounce these dubious advantages can be taken. However, if it appears too difficult to leave the situation, another opportunity is being offered by Venus, which, however, is also demanding. It’s to look at the situation from a higher level, seeing its advantages and disadvantages, and embracing all the people involved (including yourself) in your heart. This transcendent position will allow you to rise above your personal needs and accept things as they are.


AriesAries: Moderation is the key-word of this month. Perhaps that sounds depressing, but there’s no need for you to provide the excitement now. It will come by itself! This April is highly explosive, whereby the tension will increase as the month goes by, only to slowly diminish in May. Above all, for an enterprising Aries, it’s about finding inspiring projects, and investing your energy in something worthwhile that not only fills you with enthusiasm but also fulfills you. The moderating factor lies in making sure that your vitality benefits everyone concerned.


TaurusTaurus: In the face of considerable turbulence this month you will be able to remain calm enough to stabilize others and encourage them. Even if some situations make you feel unsure and confused at first, you’ll quickly find your way back to composure, strength and cheerfulness. Towards the end of the month quarrels can erupt because you feel manipulated, and you believe others are trying to dominate or decide for you. Even then if you can stay relaxed and friendly, that will be the best way to communicate your strength.


GeminiGemini: April begins and ends peacefully, but the middle of the month may be arduous. You may feel like a ship marooned between ports, driven hither and thither by the winds of inner and outer impulses. You’ll need all your maturity and inner collectedness to remain afloat in the midst of such turmoil. And even when your desire for independence often triggers creative innovations, and resources are awakened in you you’d long forgotten, be careful that your fight for freedom does not leave devastation behind.


CancerCancer: Take things lightly. Utopia cannot be found in this world. Everything is either limited by time or space, or because it is just one thing and does not contain everything else within it. Permanent, unlimited and all-inclusive fulfillment can only be found in enlightenment – when you recognize that in your essence you are already all this – eternal and without boundaries. Search for this revelation, and otherwise enjoy the gifts of life that you welcome, and make the best of those that you’d rather not receive.


LeoLeo: Up to the middle of the month it’s still about preventing your selfish desires from souring your lust for life. The potential for change is great but also for discontent and ill-humour. Temper your demands; it can’t all happen over night. Accept what is, and invent new ways to introduce more freedom and creative togetherness into your life. The second half of April looks more peaceful: take time to think everything through more thoroughly again, to discuss it and give it a stronger basis.


VirgoVirgo: In April too the theme is opening the heart. An open heart is a relatively quiet heart: there is no need to continually comment on, judge and categorize things. It is able to let things, people and situations be what they are – whereby ‘people’ includes you too. That is a heart quality. To expand this quality everything is useful that helps you to relax, that brings you into the flow and fills you with joy. A further key is humility and gratefulness for both little things and big things. Align yourself with what feels good!


LibraLibra: This month – because you’re going to feel much more vulnerable than in March – any opposition will throw you more easily off course. You have the resources to assert yourself when necessary, but there are also hurdles to clear. These are especially concentrated at the end of the month. Those who want to be there for others, to assert themselves successfully, to be free and to be loved by everyone, all at the same time, have a bad hand of cards in this life, because the game can’t be won on these terms. Decide for what can ground you.


ScorpioScorpio: April with its fifth Uranus-Pluto square brings some challenges for you, but your prospects are good for emerging at the end of it relaxed and energized. In the first half of the month you tend to feel attacked too quickly, and to react to this feeling too hastily. That causes unnecessary conflict. The potential for tension is also high in the second half of the month, especially when you allow yourself to be driven by your personal likes and dislikes. Steer your chariot yourself.


SagittariusSagittarius: Originality and sociability are your resources at present. What you started last August can now reach its crowning conclusion. Stay open and experiment with new pathways even when they are unaccustomed, and bring you together with people who you don’t find attractive at first. Not everything will go according to your wishes. However the fulfillment of your desires is no guarantee of happiness. And sometimes things happen that are beyond what even the imagination can picture.


CapricornCapricorn: This is another important phase in the total transformation process that’s been going on for you since 2012. Now it’s about liberating yourself from the invisible boxes into which you often try to squeeze yourself. When you feel cornered in this way, you sometimes react to these limitations too forcefully. However their power to fence you in is only in your mind. Discover a more playful approach. Confrontations are nothing by the clashing of different realms of ideas. None are right per se.


AquariusAquarius: It’s also an exciting month for you. Everything that you have undertaken since 2012, including last summer and the beginning of 2014, will either reach completion now or take a new decisive turn. Others may find you rather volatile, but at present you cannot foresee what sort of inner and outer changes are going to happen. What’s important is to stay honest and not act rashly, especially in the very tense time at the end of April. How and where your inner truth will be expressed is not yet clear.


PiscesPisces: A very romantic month. Enjoy it but don’t drown in your feelings. Everything that’s beautiful can be experienced more intensely now, and therefore more enjoyed: Nature, art, love in all its forms of expression. When you allow this you’ll find it all has a spiritual component – your horizon will widen and your heart and senses will expand. Surrender is now your key-word. But stay awake because otherwise the expansion will only happen in a dream, and the dream will be followed by an unpleasant awakening.

Translated from German by Phoebe

SitaraSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She has settled in Germany and for 13 years now, has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times. Astrology has been her passion since childhood, and she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions and also over phone or skype. Moreover, Sitara offers spiritual counselling as well as end-of-life care free of charge. She is currently writing a book about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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