…left her body on 12th May 2014

Nuta singing
Nuta at restaurant
Nuta preparing breakfast fruit
Nuta painting
Nuta 2

Nuta was born in Germany’s ‘Ruhrpott’, as she always called it, and as a small child spent a lot of time in hospital while undergoing various operations. It was not an easy time for her.

She spent many years in Berlin where she first heard of Osho and travelled to Pune, where she took sannyas, after Osho had already left his body. She also lived many years in Munich and surrounding areas.

Vimal was Nuta’s partner for over 20 years and remained, to her last days in hospital, her very best friend.

She was the owner of an exclusive fashion shop in Arillas, Corfu, which she ran for 5 summer seasons. She mentioned a few times that this was the best experience in her life. During the winter months she used to return to Germany to work at the Paki Centre in the Black Forest.

Many who have visited Corfu remember her also as a passionate singer in Anadi’s Singing Sangha meetings and as being part of the musicians who play for the evening meditations at the Corfu Buddha Hall.

Nuta closed her shop last autumn and this spring she was operated for breast cancer and died within a few weeks. She spent her last months in the home of her loving friend Madya in Berlin who took care of her. She was 62 years old.

On Sunday evening her friends in Corfu sent her light and love during a Singing Sangha meeting at Alexis Zorbas – and she left her body that night.

A celebration will be held tonight at 7pm on the beach in Arillas, opposite her favourite coffee shop, Ammos. Let the spirits fly high to help her take off into the sky – with song, silence and dance.


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I am deeply touched by the love and tenderness of your presence in me right now … in tears,
I see you dancing
Joyfully laughing and playing in Buddha Hall.
Having fun rehearsing and melting our voices …
Your delicate voice bringing high angels’ harmony
or sharing “serious” stuff sometimes…

You always being straight and true to your feelings,
sometimes not easy for me, but I am totally grateful for that, recognizing your true beingness and love.

And the unforgettable kisses in one of the most beautiful vulnerable space and heart-opening sessions I got from you…
and the sunset in my varanda before you stopped drinking beer…
and the little loving sms sometimes …

Your tears, smile and straightness are part of me, inspiring and showing the way…

Fly high Nutalê
keep dancing
keep singing
in oneness with the most Beloved!

I love you,

I am Nuta´s sister Anne. I knew her from her first to her last day and we spent many years together during our life. I had the honour to accompany her during her last months. This was a very precious time for both of us. We were happy to clear up our relationship as sisters, so that we found trust and flow of communication. We could fully accept each other.
Dear Nuta, my sister Hanne, you are a great present for me. I wish you all the light and love from the universe and hope to meet you again. Mach´s gut.
Anne Amenda

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