…left his body on 12th May 2014

We know German-born Nataraj as the excellent astrologer he was.

He died while swimming in the sea at Mallorca where he was on a holiday with friends and family members. He apparently drowned silently and his body was later washed ashore. All attempts to resuscitate him have proven in vain.



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I just learned through Facebook that Nataraj has left this plane. Oh, what a loss! And what a consolation to know that he let go graciously. That fits the man I met over the many years. May his transition be of peace and beauty like he was while in the body. I am so thankful for his love and wisdom he shared with me in his very special way. Full of tenderness, clarity and zest. For sure it was the right moment for him to go. Farewell beloved, may your next round be of equal love and beauty and exquisite knowing.

Nataraj was such a sweet man. As astrologer to the commune in Cologne, in the early eighties, he divined through my and others’ astrological charts that we would become DJs – and so we did. Successfully, too! He was just always around, supporting and helping…. Such a sweet guy….

Beloved Nataraj, celebrating your life and all the love you have shared with me and so many. When I arrived at the Cologne Anand Sagar, you where already a ‘seasoned sannyasin’ and helped me understand so much about Osho, life and work in his Buddhafield and much more. I have fond memories of our astrology sessions that helped me on my path. In loving memory, fly high, beloved soul,
Nura (aka Dhyan Prachi)

Nataraj, my sweet friend, we first met in the Green Hotel near the Poona Station in 1977. You were am ‘old’ sannyasin and you taught me what Nataraj means and that to enjoy life here and now is the way. I often thought of coming to visit you sometime ‘later’. That will teach me to postpone! Fly high, my beloved friend.

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