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Nityanando reviews Deva Premal & Miten’s CD which has just been released.

Mantras for LifeTake it as a Meditation;
Invite some friends,
Take your seats,
Get comfortable,
Close your Eyes,
Push ‘Play’…
Let Deva lead you on a one-hour meditation journey though chanting mantras with her, listening/hearing, allowing her voice take you into the silence of the beyond.

Deva and Miten’s latest CD ‘Mantras for Life’ is actually an opportunity to dive head first into that world; the world of the beyond, the world of the unknowable.

In ‘Mantras for Life’ Deva unveils more of her roots in Mantra chanting and reflects the ongoing growth of Deva and Miten’s own lives – filled with Music of Life, Celebration, Silence.

This CD continues to shift the focus from music to the purity of mantra practice. Both Manose and Miten add musical elegance to the mantra repetitions but the clarity of purpose is unmistakably with the mantras themselves.

Though the individual mantras have particular significance on their own and can be used for that purpose, I stayed with the complete collection as a morning meditation practice. Of course this can be done by yourself, but if you gather a few friends to practice together, hearing the voices of others around you, it makes it all the more beautiful. Try it as a daily practice for a bit.

In addition to the Mantra meditation of the first 10 tracks, Deva Miten and Manose have given us two ‘bonus’ tracks:

#11 is the ‘Mantra to Find Lost Things’. Memorise it because it works. I personally have used it twice and within an hour my lost item appeared. Deva chants it so that you can repeat the words after her. Try it when looking for something that you have lost. (I’m always interested in hearing people’s success story with this mantra so send me a note with your story if it works for you too.)

#12 ‘Ananda’ is a gift to us from Manose. It was originally presented to Miten for his birthday a while back. It has some lovely spice from Joby which turns it into a joyful surprise.

Is there in this purity of chanting an indication of things to come? Perhaps the European Tour 2014 will show us this influence.


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Here a taster:

Miten Deva Premal ManoseDeva Premal and Miten met in Pune in 1990 where they started making music and singing together in Osho’s Buddhafield. Miten has been a musician his whole life having established a successful career in the 70’s as a singer songwriter touring with bands like Fleetwood Mac, and Ry Cooder and singing for Osho in Buddha Hall. In 1998 Deva Premal’s debut album rocketed to the top of the New Age charts globally. ‘Mantras For Life’ is their 26th album. Manose, the bansuri flute virtuoso, has become a very loved member of their concert tours and recordings.

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