You’re the Enemy – Welcome Back!


Pankaja filmed her latest documentary in Vietnam.

This video tells the story of how some brave American Vietnam Veterans have found resolution and healing by coming back to the place their country devastated, to help heal the legacy of the war. The amazing forgiveness and optimism of the Vietnamese people as they welcome these former enemies with open arms is the most potent form of therapy for the Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and the guilt, which made the lives of many U.S. veterans so painful when they returned home.

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Pankaja-Brooke2Pankaja (Panky) spent a year studying at the very first London Film School and wrote 4 published novels before taking sannyas in the early seventies. She has been part of Osho’s communes, mainly in Pune, until Osho left his body. After several years travelling around various parts of the world she settled back in London. Now that it is possible to shoot and edit an entire film by oneself she has resumed that longed for career. Her films have been shown at film festivals round the world, a couple receiving a Special Mention.

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