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Breaking News! The entire Foundation Board of Osho International Foundation is to be provisionally suspended.



On June 2, 2014, The Federal Department of Home Affairs (EDI)/Supervisory Board for Foundations in Switzerland, issued a writ in the proceedings of

Robert Doetsch, Venloer Strasse 5-7, 50672 Cologne, Germany

Represented by attorney Dr. iur. et Dipl. Chem. Hans Maurer, Fraumünsterstrasse 17, Postfach 2018, 8022 Zurich, Switzerland

– Complainant –


1. Osho International Foundation, Bahnhofstrasse 52, 8001 Zurich
Represented by attorney Dr. Walter H. Meier, Bienenstrasse 1, 8004 Zurich
2. Michael O’Byrne (since 2013: Michael Byrne), President of the Foundation Board, Suite 1201, Convention Plaza Apartments, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China
3. John Andrews, Vice President of the Foundation Board, London, Great Britain
4. D’Arcy O’Byrne, Board Member, Flat 1, Palmeira Ave, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3GA, Great Britain
5. Kaus Steeg, Board Member, Lütticher Strasse 33-35, Cologne, Germany
6. Rudolf Kocher, Board Member, Steinägerten, 4458 Eptingen

– Respondents 1-6 –

It was decreed that

1. The entire Foundation Board of Osho International Foundation is to be provisionally suspended and their signatory rights are to be revoked. The following persons shall be removed from their positions and functions:

Michael O’Byrne (since 2013: Michael Byrne)
John Andrews
D’Arcy O’Byrne
Kaus Steeg
Rudolf Kocher

2. Mr. lic. Iur. Andreas G. Keller, attorney, Zurich, is to be appointed as trustee for Osho International Foundation with entitlement to sign as sole signatory.

3. The Handelsregisteramt [Commercial Registry Office] of Zurich is requested to effect the necessary entries in the Commercial Registry without delay.

4. The creditors of Osho International Foundation, in particular the banks PostFinance AG, 3030 Bern, and Credit Suisse, 8070 Zurich, are to be instructed to not pay out or transfer any funds to the Respondents or third parties until instruction to the contrary.

5. The Complaint of 20 May, 2014, is to be served to Respondents 2 through 5 via the agency of the legal representative of Osho International Foundation and to Respondent 6 directly for response in the main proceedings, by 3 July, 2014.

6. The Foundation Board of Osho International Foundation is to be instructed, with reference to the possible consequences under criminal law pursuant to Art. 292 StGB in the event of infringement, to effect no disposition of the assets of the Foundation without the consent of the Supervisory Board for Foundations until further notice, this to apply in particular to the entire Osho archive and the entire intellectual property rights to text, audio and images.

7. The costs for the enactment of this order of CHF 4,000.00 are to be aggregated to the main proceedings.

8. The suspensory effect of any appeal against this order is to be revoked.


In a nutshell, ex-members of OIF are no longer to have any further dealings with anyone on any matter, including signing contracts, dealing with publishers, Facebook, YouTube, etc., nor are they allowed to deal on behalf of OIF with any sannyas centre or individual sannyasins.

Last but not least, there is a right of appeal, which reads (in short):

An appeal may be lodged against this order, within 30 days of disclosure, with the Federal Administrative Court. The appeal must include the claim, the grounds for the claim including evidence for the same and the signature of the claimant or his or her representative; the disputed order (or the disputed decision) and the documents referenced as evidence.


Full Original Document in German as PDF
English translation PDF


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