Water, Water, but which Water?

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Excerpt from Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa’s book: The All and Everything of Healthy Living

Don’t confuse hunger with thirst

If you get hungry or want food or snacks within two or three hours after a main meal, (presuming you did drink water prior to the meal) this can mean two things: your meal has not been nutritious, or you’re misinterpreting your hunger signal… A glass of water at this stage may be the best thing for the body. You might be surprised – the desire for food is satisfied by none other than the essential elements hydrogen and oxygen, H2O. Anyway try that first.


Drink proper water

Now this is a tricky one, as so many cities have started to put fluoride and chlorine in the water. This is not good water to drink, no matter what they tell you. And shut up with your rationalizations!
Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude, but I was… I get pissed sometimes… we all do. But water should be water, who are we that we can improve on mother nature? If I want fluoride, let me have a choice, that’s all I’m saying.

Ask your local council what they are putting in the water and if they tell you that they’re adding fluoride and chlorine, ask them: ‘Can I get you a cappuccino… and would you like some chlorine and fluoride with that?’

Buy a good water filter or look around to find a natural spring somewhere nearby, where you can fill up some large containers, or if you live in the countryside, collect water from your roof into a small tank.
Check what the roof is made of first and run the water through a good filter system to get rid of bird shit, leaves and more importantly, impurities the sky is now full of. (Rainwater droplets form around sulfuric acid particles etc).

A good water quality test is to warm the water slightly, so that it is lukewarm, then taste it. It’s much easier for your taste buds to tell if the water contains impurities when it’s lukewarm. If it tastes smokey, don’t drink it.

Drinking good water can make a huge difference to your health, especially your long-term health.

Believe me, people living in the countryside in Australia have been drinking from the roof of their house for generations – often it is much better than consuming the council cocktail that is on offer at your kitchen tap nowadays. However, collecting water from your roof in big cities is not a good idea, because of air pollution.

If you must drink the council cocktail unfiltered, then fill a container with water and let it sit overnight – in this way some of the chlorine gas can come out of the water and it will be better to drink than if you were to drink the water straight from the tap.

Boiling the water first is another option.


Stay fresh: put a filter on your shower head

Did you know that chlorine goes straight through your skin into your body when you take a shower? During a 10 minute shower the skin absorbs about as much chlorine as if you would drink 8 glasses of water. Better stay fresh and filter it out!
Get ahead with a shower head filter.


Rainwater needs minerals

There is a drawback to drinking rainwater from your roof and that has to do with minerals. Rainwater has not been in contact with the earth and is therefore not ionised correctly, it is devoid of much needed minerals. Rainwater is more acid and needs to run over the land to come alive and pick up minerals, therefore it is best to drink spring water.

From an evolutionary point of view, we humans have not been drinking rainwater captured in tanks for very long. Almost all our drinking water had been in contact with the earth before we drank it. We need the minerals that the water picks up.

But if drinking from your roof is the only option, there is something you can do, a simple solution… drum roll… throw a few spadefuls of clay in your water tank! In this way minerals are introduced in your water supply. It may be good to get a bit more scientific and put some good stones in there too. We haven’t sorted this one exactly! But the info will be out there for when we need to… meanwhile, where we are, there’s a beautiful spring with clear drinking water coming out of the hillside. Lucky us!

If you have a water tank, it is good to get a float on the water intake to the house so that the water you’re drinking is coming from the top quadrant of the tank where the water is beautifully oxygenated. The stuff at the bottom (where unfortunately, outlets are all automatically placed) you don’t want to drink!


Don’t drink water from plastic bottles

One last thing… plastic water bottles: don’t drink from them. If you want to stay well, those need to be a thing of the past. Simple really. When the plastic (hard and soft plastics) warms up in warm weather, say in your car or in the delivery man’s truck, it releases a toxic cocktail including the much dreaded PCBs and ETCs into the water. So for the car: glass bottles.

For carrying around, stainless steel bottles are a little lighter (don’t use aluminum, it’s a heavy metal and should not be in contact with food, water or your body). Eco Tanka makes good stainless steel bottles, they ship worldwide.

And now glass lined bamboo bottles are available and they’re eco-friendly and sustainable…
Bamboo is a responsible choice of materials as bamboo matures and is harvestable in 3-4 years time. Bamboo is also extremely strong, smooth and beautiful. And bamboo has a higher tensile strength than many alloys of steel.

Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa’s book is available at The All and Everything of Healthy Living

Sambodhi and SandipaSambodhi Prem and Sandipa have experienced the world of alternative health for years and now they’d like to share what they’ve learned. They are two artists, musicians and gardeners… what do you get when they decide to write a book about health? You get a book that’s more poetic, more from the gut and from the heart, than from the head, because they’re able to say things that many health professionals don’t dare to say… When you have been on the brink of death (like one of them has) and been around the block with intestinal malfunction, depressed immune system, migraines, or walked up a flight of stairs and felt so tired that you needed a day’s rest, you start looking for answers.
We have previously met Sambodhi Prem and Sandipa in this magazine as singers and songwriters, when we presented their song Sweetness
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