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Remembering Ma Yoga Taru…

Many of us remember Taru, her loving nature and sweet smile, and in particular her voice leading a Kirtan group of singers or chanting ‘Buddham Sharanam Gachchami’.

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She died on June 20, 2001, at the time living in the Osho Madhavpur commune in Gujarat, surrounded by sannyasin friends. Half a year later, Viha Connection published this article:

Flight into the Unknown
Osho called her Meera and to all of us she was our loving fellow traveller, Taru Ma. On the 20th day of June this year, she broke away from the barrier of body, fluttered her wings, and flew into the unknown – the only truth. In her last days, she was staying at Osho Anand Ashram in Madhavpur, Gujarat. She left her body in a state of absolute awareness, laughing as ever. Around her were sannyasin friends, singing, celebrating, bidding her a farewell befitting her.

Ma Yoga Taru was associated with Osho from His early days on. She sang many sutras for Osho discourses. To this day, hearing bhajans sung by her in Osho’s presence is a moving experience. Immersed in the aura of her bhajans, we are transported to the same liveliness and joy that we experienced when Osho was in his body.

Osho once said, “Taru sings with her being – in totality. She sings as Meera must have sung once. She does not stay aloof or stand in the background. She dissolves herself in the song!” (Pad Ghunghru Baandh, Ch 4)

She not only sang ‘Buddham Sharanam Gachchhami’, but practiced it. She devoted her life to the master’s work. She took all hardships in stride and accepted it all with a glowing smile on her visage.

She was active in Rajneeshpuram too. Her kirtan during the drive-by session in the afternoon were nothing short of aural jewels, scattered effortlessly.

Taru used to ask Osho many questions, some of them even joking, which everyone enjoyed. Besides being a disciple, Taru had a relationship of laughter and humor with Osho.

Osho wrote many letters to her. I pick one as a message to the whole sannyas movement:

Beloved Yoga Taru,
The message has to be delivered,
to those who yearn, who are waiting.
And to those who are waiting and thirsty.
Just as the bird waits for the opportune moment
when rain dropping in an oyster shell
transforms in a pearl.
In every corner of earth longing human beings wait.
Across all boundaries and barriers,
you are to take the message to them that the elixir is here.
I am creating all you sannyasins for this enormous task.
The moment for a great revolution in the human memory is around the corner.
I am preparing for it.

(Prem Ki Jheel Mein Anugrah Ke Phool)

All our love and pranam to beloved Taru from Mukti, Divyagandha, and Narendra with Shivendra at Osho Om Bodhisattva Commune, Dehradun

Originally published by VIHA Connection, November/December 2001

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