…left for the other shore on 15th June 2014.

American Geetesh (Norbert Mendez) was one of the so-called ‘old sannyasins’. He was a worker in Rajneeshpuram and was also seen in Pune 2 as a visitor. He was a good friend of Farid. He had been friends with Veeresh since they were kids and led groups with him. He was also an Addiction Specialist and later in life worked with people who were dying. At some point he was part of the commune in Amsterdam. In the 70s and 80s he was the partner of Tarika (17 years). In Mexico he helped set up the Osho Gyan Meditation Centre in Ensenada, Mexico. Recently he was living in Santa Fe.

His life will be celebrated at Satsang on Saturday 21st in Seattle.

On Sunday there will be a celebration at Osho Gyan Centre in Ensenada.

with Shakura and friend
with Madhu Anurag

Photos and text thanks to Shakura, Mega, Subhan and Madhu Anurag.


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Last summer Geetesh and I had a great time in Los Cabos, Baja Sur, Mexico. He told me that he had wanted to visit Los Cabos for a long time. Before coming we spoke on the phone and I invited him to meet me there. I knew he was ill, so arranged our visit with a cousin that lives there. We all had a great time! He had also heard about a place hidden from ordinary turists, Cabo Pulmo, where a I had learnt scuba diving, so we rented a car and also drove there. Although he confessed that he didn’t meditate lately, I know he had Osho in his heart and I’m going to miss my beloved friend. Fly high beloved Geetesh and if you see Osho tell him that I miss him too.
Madhu Anurag

Dear Geetesh, good bye. See you on the other shore. We will have a tequila there!

We met at the Ranch one day doing nothing, which was a rare moment, and have been friends ever since. Spent time with him in the Bay Area, that was fun,,hanging out in Pune,2 many times, which was the last time I saw him in human form. We kept in touch with each other by email. After the last time in Pune he went to Thailand for awhile then to Mexico and to Santa Fe where he took up pottery. His last email to me was a joke, of course. Beautiful person, Beautiful times. We meet again, Geetesh, at that moment doing nothing.

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