Millions of Idiots Watching

Hot Chillies

[…] People are afraid to be alone.

Ball Chillies

They will do anything not to be alone.
They will go to any rotten movie, just not to be alone.
They will play any stupid game,
they will watch any idiotic thing: a football match….

Now, can you think of anything more idiotic?
A few idiots kicking a football beyond a line to the other side,
and a few other idiots kicking it back…
and millions of idiots watching
as if something of immense significance is happening.

No, the psychological reason is
that they want somehow to forget themselves,
to forget that they are alone.
In the crowd they feel good, healthier, saner,
because people just like themselves are all around.
Millions of people are watching the game –
it cannot be idiotic.
Even the president of the country is watching –
it cannot be idiotic.
Everybody is supporting everybody else to remain sane.

Osho, From Unconsciousness to Consciousness, Ch 20, Q 1 (excerpt)

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