…left his body on 10th July 2014.

Swami Anand Swabhav (aka Swamiji) was one of the early disciples of Osho. Many remember him from the times he was running the commune in Pune, until Osho sent him to run meditation camps all over India. Osho named him his Amabassador for India.

He has been suffering from cancer of the mouth and was unable to eat or speak for his last three years.

His Death Celebration and burning took place in Pune this afternoon.

Swabhav 1
Swabhav taken to the burning ghats

I had talked to Neelam – she is my secretary. I had told her that I was thinking to make Anand Swabhav an ambassador, going around the country, because I am not moving. And he has been doing very good work, conducting camps, giving talks, approaching different institutions in different places. So most of the time he is going to be out. He has been in charge of the ashram, and I had told Neelam that it would be good to talk to him and ask if he would like to be an ambassador, because now we are appointing ambassadors in every country – somebody who represents me to the news media, conducts camps, takes care of what is going on in those countries, against me or for me, and informs me.

She must have asked him, and he was happy.

Osho, Joshu: The Lion’s Roar, Ch 2, Q 1

Osho answers a question sent in by Swabhav: “You made me altogether confused and lethargic. I am like mad. At the moment I feel no trust even. Now tell me what should I do? Where should I go?” in I Know Swabhav From His Very Beginning


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I knew Swabhav from 1987 when he was made Pune commune in-charge. It was such a joy working with him! I loved his sense of poetry and his wild sense of humour. I saw him twice this year. The last time was a few weeks ago, in his house, where we had a small Kirtan. His body was critically ill and he could not speak. He was only communicating by writing. What touched me was his presence of mind and that even in this condition he was so alive and playful.

Beloved Swabhav, my time spent with you in the last meeting will always be an inspiration for me. Fly high, my beloved Friend!

My first Osho Active Meditation camp was with Swami Swabhav in Hyderabad and he gave me sannyas during that camp in 1998. In a way my rebirth happened in his hands. In this flow of life, I never got a chance to meet him again, but his impressive personality and words are always in my memory.

His words still reverberates in me to this day. After the Dynamic Meditation in a open air setup he says “इस शांति, इस उत्सव, तुम्हारे साथ हमेशा रहेगा” (this peace, this celebration, will remain with you forever). Those of you who heard him, know how powerful his voice is.

He is like Bhishmacharya in many respects. A greatest giver, compassionate lover of Osho who helped thousands of seekers on their path. Good bye beloved Swamiji. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Come again, come again, come again million times.


He spoke to us as if Osho’s words were coming from his mouth, and also his body movements where like those of Osho. Lots of people would not know who Osho is, if it was not for Swabhav being Osho’s disciple.

The other day, in Pune, one of Osho´s longest-serving disciples, Swami Anand Swabhav, has died after battling mouth cancer for the last few years. As I know, Osho declared him as his ambassador (dharmadoot) for India and most probably he was the only one who continued to his master´s given job, although all other ambassadors and director generals hung up their robes within months or years after 19th January 1990!

In 1984, when I took sannyas, he was the meditation camp facilitator. During Pune days, I got the chance to work with him too.

As I undestand, he belongs to one of Pune´s leading industrial tycoon families and therefore it was an inspiration to see him going Osho´s way with sweet surrender and to travel country-wide for meditation camps.
Swabhav has given more meditation camps than all others together. Swabhav-ji has initiated more people into sannyas than all the full enlightened / semi-enlightened / non-enlightend Osho disciples put together. And not for a single minute he played the guru. He lived like any other disciple, enjoyed good things of life, including women and Pan Masala (the Indian version of scented tabacco).

I simply love this Osho style of humanness and spirituality. The New Man is without pretensions.

Swabhav Swami, you walked your walk, you lived master´s talk.

I bow down to your memory.

Prem Shantam

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