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An article by Swami Chaitanya Keerti about Guru Purnima published on July 10, 2014.

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Spiritually speaking, July is a very special month. It is the month of transition and transformation. After coping with lots of heat, we are blessed with coolness and abundance of rain to make us feel happy. We can sing and dance and celebrate.

The full moon night of this month of Ashadh is called Guru Purnima. This purnima is significant for all those who have been initiated by the enlightened masters, to enter into a new dimension of life. It can be spiritual or related with any art, as all arts have their roots in meditation. The disciples are always grateful to their masters individually, but they have chosen the full moon day in July to express their gratitude collectively. This day is dedicated to our masters collectively.

Full Moon over Mt. Abu

Guru Purnima is the day of all the Buddhas, all those who have become aware. Guru is a master who liberates us and with whom we are in deep love, faith and reverence. A Guru is a presence. Through him one gets the first glimpse of divinity. A Guru creates, transforms and gives new birth to a seeker so that with complete trust one can follow the Guru while travelling through many unknown paths, and opening many unknown locks.

Speaking on the significance of a Guru, Osho says that a Guru’s blessing is a vital phenomenon. Through a Guru one can look into his own future and can be aware of his own destiny.

“Guru means one who has gravitation, around whom you suddenly feel as if you are being pulled. The Guru is a tremendous magnet, with only one difference. There is a man who has charisma — you are pulled, but you are pulled towards him. He may become a great leader, a great politician. Adolf Hitler has that charisma; millions of people are pulled towards him. Then what is the difference between a charismatic leader and a Guru? The difference is tremendous. The difference is: when you are pulled towards a Guru you suddenly feel that you are being pulled inwards, not outwards.

“When you are pulled towards Kabir, Guru Nanak, Buddha, you have a strange feeling. The feeling is that you are being pulled towards them and at the same time you are being pulled inwards — a very strange paradoxical phenomenon. The closer you come to your Guru, the closer you come to yourself… The more you surrender to the Guru, the more free you feel.”

Surrender to a Guru is not to be a slave — it is a growth process. If you are pulled towards a man and that pull creates slavery, that man is not a Guru. That man may have charisma, may have magnetic power — maybe his great intelligence, his physical beauty, or his sheer vitality pulls you — but you will be going away from yourself. It will be an infatuation. You will be obsessed with this man, and you will be off your centre. A Guru functions as a catalytic agent. Being in his presence is the process of inner transformation which gives a glimpse of the divine.

Quote by Osho from Ecstasy: The Forgotten Language, Ch 7

KeertiSwami Chaitanya Keerti, editor of Osho World, is the author of ‘Osho Fragrance’.

Illustration by Osho News – Full Moon over Mt. Abu