Become a Full Moon Night


Purnima means full moon night – a full moon night of bliss.

Osho Full Moon

The moon represents the most blissful phenomenon, the most beautiful.
One can become that beauty, that splendour.
It is within our reach; we can hold the moon in our hearts.
Going to the moon is just useless.
Far more significant is the process of bringing the moon in.
It can be brought in.
It can become a guest if you are ready to become a host.
And when your inner being is full of moonlight great bliss starts happening.

The whole process of meditation is to release the imprisoned splendour
within you, to release the imprisoned light within you.
We are carrying great potential, utterly unaware, oblivious of it.
Just the hard shell that surrounds it has to be broken.
It is painful to break that hard shell,
but once you are ready to allow that much pain,
to go through that much pain,
and once the shell is broken, life takes a quantum leap.
You are no more a mortal you become an immortal.
You are no more darkness; you become a full-moon night.
And you know no misery any more.
Even if you want to, you cannot be miserable.
Bliss simply becomes your nature, your very existence.

Osho, The Shadow of the Bamboo, Ch 5

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