One Sky Festivals 2014 in USA


Milarepa invites us to join the One Sky Festivals of Meditation and Celebration.

I don’t think when Priya organized the first Bravo America event in 1997 she, nor I, ever dreamed we would be here seventeen years later just a few weeks away from another miracle about to happen. Miracle is the key word here.

Every year the organiziers and I wonder how the following year will ever top the one before but it always does. Things with Osho have a tendency to go beyond our expectations.

This year’s tour venues are all in wonderful locations as usual: from the beautiful meditation hall at The Abode in Upstate New York to the lakeside venues in Chicago and Dallas, the state park retreat center with forest-hidden cabins in Atlanta, and the new Osho commune in San Diego. All will be providing comfortable accommodation and delicious vegetarian cuisine.

Milarepa (guitar & vocals)
Ashik (violin)
Lee (saxophone)
Nirdosh (bass)
Pashyo (percussion) / Prashant (keyboards)
Nivedano (drums)
Rajmani (percussion)
Sharabo (percussion)

We are blessed with a great band of musicians. Nivedano is making a rare appearance. Traveling with him from Brazil is Nirdosh, a talented young bass player. Joining us along the way will be Lee, Ashik, and Prashant whom many of you know from previous years. Also Sharabo and Pashyo as guest percussionists in New York and San Diego, respectively.

The program will have a few surprises. This is a year that should not be missed. I encourage everyone to book early and not wait until the last minute as this makes it easier for the organizers. Remember: the more of us who come and support gatherings like this, the higher we fly together and deeper will be the meditations and silence. On behalf of myself and the musicians, see you soon …

Test by Milarepa – check out tour dates on our Events page or on

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