Akhil – Dr Soni


…left his body in April 2014.

From Pushpa we hear that Akhil (aka Dr. Soni) died this spring at age 68. He was a dedicated whirler and offered Whirling Meditation for about twenty years at the Osho International Meditation Resort. Many of us know him also because of his health products we could buy off him.

Akhil Dr Soni


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Akhil was such a gentle, aristocratic soul. And his passion for whirling! I dealt with him quite a few times when I bought from him some health foods and vitamins; he was always so correct and meditative in his actions. He was, for me, like other old-time sannyasins, a remnant of a more innocent, simple and mysterious India, the India I am still dreaming of and that I experienced in Poona 1 days. With the simplicity and gentleness that are like fragrant flowers he was one of the “India my Love” rays of light.
Ramadhan Meir Suissa

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