Swiss Ruling to Reinstate OIF Board of Directors

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In their decree on September 12, 2014 the Swiss Confederation, Interior Department (EDI) retracted their provisional suspension of June 2, 2014 of the entire board of OIF.

The Swiss EDI stated that none of the complaints could be substantiated.

The original complaint by Ramateertha (aka Robert Doetsch) of May 20, 2014 can be read here as PDF file and shows the huge amount of evidence submitted in support of the case. An appeal in this matter can be filed by October 13, 2014.

The Inner Circle sent out a letter on the ruling which has already been widely distributed on Facebook and can also be read as a PDF file: Inner Circle Letter 13th September 2014.

In that letter Osho News is also mentioned and we rebuke the false allegation that Osho News is “an entity under the control of a group “Osho World” which also calls themselves ‘Friends of Osho’.” Osho News is independent in its coverage, does not publish distorted information and has not attacked OIF, although OIF itself threatened our previous server in October 2013 to take down the website which necessitated moving our entire operation. OIF was also instrumental that Osho News page on Facebook was closed down.


Shown below is another piece of evidence that came to light in, namely the book cover of Yoga: The Alpha & the Omega Vol. V, published in 1976 that shows Osho’s letter from the same year on the back. Four independent experts concluded that the signature on the ‘will’ is the same signature as the one on the letter. This book cover can provide forensic evidence that the letter and the signature copied onto the ‘will’ existed before 1989, when the ‘will’ was allegedly made. This would, according to the forensic experts, provide the last link in the 100% certainty that the ‘will’ was forged.

The ‘will’ had been produced by OIF last autumn as evidence in the European TM case in Spain (evidence, which was later recalled by OIF). This separate case is also under appeal.

Book Cover 1976 with letter

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