An Open Letter to Both Hands of Osho

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A letter from Shantam Prem about the latest Swiss ruling re OIF, Zurich.

Dear self-appointed directors in the name of Osho,
Dear rebels filing petitions against them,

I really wonder, when both sides will realise that issues are not legal but emotional by nature.

Spirituality is a process of refining the feelings and only and only by winning the heart of the concerned disciples someone gets the right to chalk out planning and future programming.

Has Osho trained us to do negotiations with the trademark attorneys and publishing industry?

Osho’s words are the natural resources for a foundation. They have the natural rights to distribute and also generate revenues. Question is whether the present directors are the right people to run a foundation.

To ask judiciary of any country to resolve matters of a spiritual organisation is to ask the head of the city pimps to perform the marriage ceremonies!

Without malice, I must say they are not the right people. They are good negotiators but have below average emotional intelligence.

OIF is not just for words but to take care of the continuity of Osho’s work as thousands of people have seen what it means, and also to create space for his people to participate.

When was the last time the hand-picked coterie around the chairman have ever addressed sannyasins as Osho’s people? Disciples have been reduced to the level of consumers and customers who pay to avail the services.

Today the referendum results in Scotland have shown how much merit is given to the collective will of the people.

In the name of meritocracy, Mr. Chairman and his team have ruined the garden of Osho. If I am wrong, let they involve disciples for a clear cut mandate. Let there be a referendum.

The plain fact is that Osho has not chosen any successor as the next master. His contemporary Maharishi Mahesh Yogi followed the traditional way and appointed the next one. By choosing 20 people instead of 1, Osho has shown respect to the diversity of his disciples. It is not a one man show but a collective decision making body which represents mind, heart and soul of sannyas.

My simple suggestion to the rebels is to intensify protests so that the present directors get a wake-up call or they resign.

In the short span of life, the present chairman has spent more time in the Black House than four American Presidents in the White House. This is enough of an indication how stagnation has taken over, how barren the land has become; how juice has dried out.

Let us heal the paralysis and join with Namaste.

With Love to all,

Shantam Prem

Shantam Prem

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