Definition Of A Normal Human Being


Just look around, just observe people, and you will be surprised seeing the utterly insane state which is known as normal.


What is normal? What is the definition of a normal human being?

He should be full of love, he should be full of bliss. He should be fearless. He should be joyous and ecstatic. He should be able to sing and laugh and dance. He should be able to enjoy the small things of life. He should be total in whatsoever he is doing. His thoughts will be straight: if he says no he means no, if he says yes he means yes. He will not be diplomatic, he will not be political in that he says one thing, he means another, and will do a third thing. You cannot figure it out, you can never be sure what the political person is going to do. He has one face outside and another reality inside. He is double-faced, in a double bind. He smiles at you, he greets you – and he hates you, he curses you inside. He is an enemy, yet he pretends to be a friend.

This is insanity! This hypocrisy is insanity, this split is insanity. This schizophrenic atmosphere is insane. It is not a healthy human being that we have been able to produce. We have failed up to now…and we have to do something very drastic now, otherwise humanity is doomed. Now the insane people have so much destructive power in their hands that one war more and humanity is finished and this planet is finished.

Something tremendously drastic is needed, a quantum leap is needed. But this is possible only through those people who listen to the buddhas.

Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha Vol 1, Ch 9

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