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Published in The Jakarta Post, Indonesia, on September 30, 2014:

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Singer Marcell Siahaan is keeping himself busy, with lots of projects in the months ahead.

Marcell Siahaan

“I plan to release my sixth album in February of next year. This album will be completely new material, whereas my previous album contained cover versions of older songs,” Marcell told The Jakarta Post.

“My band, Konspirasi, will also release our second album next year. There is a major label that has shown interest in producing it and we are still discussing the project,” he said.

Marcell, who graduated from the St. Aloysius senior high school in Bandung, West Java, also said that he planned to collaborate with several DJs and rappers for a project called Juggernaut.

Active in the enterntainment industry for more than 15 years, Marcell said that he liked to search for balance in life by reading spiritual books.

“For a long [time] now I have been looking to find out what a balanced life is all about. This really started with my interest in martial arts, which is mostly based on Taoist principles,” said the singer, who had a son born on Sept. 22.

“In my search for balance, I once became a vegetarian for four years and I found that eating healthy alone does not guarantee balance. So, my search continues through the spiritual books I love to read.

Keyakinan Umat BuddhaKeyakinan Umat Buddha (Buddhist’s Faith)
by Sri Dhammandana

I love this book because even through it seems like it’s just for Buddhists, it also provides answers to a lot of my questions in life.

Being in LoveLove
by Osho

This book tells a story of Osho, a spiritualist who is also a very wealthy man. In the book, Osho explains to the reader how to become a balanced human being in two realms – the material and the spiritual. Once a drug addict [sic!], Osho manages to find balance through his spiritual journey. I love his concept of balancing love, which has become a tool and a reference to yogis and spiritual guides.

Arkham AsylumArkham Asylum
by DC Comics

I like to read comics and I love this one in particular for its historical impact. This is the comic that Heath Ledger read in his search for the Joker character in The Dark Knight movies. It was the one that pushed him to the point of madness for the sake of excelling as an actor.

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