AUM Meditation for World Peace


Recently, Anand Veeresh introduced the Global AUM Meditation for World Peace.

The Global AUM Meditation for World Peace took place on 21st September, the date the United Nations declared as the International Day of Peace. On that day the meditation was hosted at the Humaniversity in the Netherlands and at the same time in many cities and countries around the world. It was an opportunity to spread Peace in the World, reason why it became an international event.

An AUM Meditation Leader Training is taking place in November 2014 (3-19 Nov. 2014) and the call is out for those inspired to become part of the continuously growing network of Humaniversity AUM Leaders and to learn to share this life-changing process with others.

The Osho Humaniversity is located in Egmond aan Zee at the North Sea Coast of the Netherlands; it is easy to reach from Amsterdam. Veeresh is its founder and president. His work as a therapist and teacher has touched many lives and his creative approach to therapy and growth – allowing people to move beyond self-imposed limits to a fresh understanding and grounded self-confidence – has made him well-known globally. Osho Humaniversity offers ongoing workshops and trainings with programmes ranging from day and weekend workshops to two-week and longer intensives.

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