…left her body in the night 21st/22nd November 2014.

Satpriti (Gail Taylor) read English at Bristol Uni after being Head Girl at Strutts Grammar School in Belper, Derbyshire. Later she took a counselling course at South West London College and worked in HR in various corporations until she opened her own management consultancy firm, Tao Consulting. In winter she lived in the south of England and in summer in Corfu where she helped with the management of the venue Corfu Buddha Hall. Her husband Michael, with whom she has remained friends after their divorce, says “Her dream was always to either live on a desert island or to live with a community.”

On 5th December she would have turned 62.

After returning, happy and seemingly healthy, from a visit to Crete she passed away in her sleep at the home of a close friend. The cause of her death is yet to be determined.

Satpriti’s funeral and celebration will be held on 13th December at 12 pm at Matara near Stroud, in Gloucestershire, UK. If you wish to attend please contact Helen on 97712 191568 or helentriggs (at) me (doc) com and she can give you the full details.

at Anutoshos birthday party
Satpriti in Heart Dance with Mahadevi
Satpriti with hat


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Sats was a loving, caring and wise woman who deeply touched all those she came in contact with her. She gave so much to our small community, tirelessly and selflessly helping to make Buddha Hall and all those around it the best version of themselves. Her clarity, guidance, dedication and fun-loving spirit and great sense of humour will sorely be missed.
Prasham and Sarvaan

It is very hard to accept that Satpriti is no more in the body. We have been close to each other, and she was such a good, lovely friend, with a big heart and so supportive. It was easy and natural to be with her. I enjoyed travelling with her. Our trip to Albania this year was great and I am happy we did it. I will miss her, I do miss her already a lot. So much love, warmth and gratefulness in my heart. Thank you, Satpriti. Love,

Beloved Satpriti, thank you for all the laughter, the lovely conversations and songs we shared together. Just before you left for Crete we had lunch on a sunny day on your veranda. We both shared our gratidude for the life we are having and the freedom and love we are able to share. Continue to celebrate and rejoyce on your journey to the beyond. I love you.

Gail and I first met when she was only 16. Before long we had travelled many new and challenging roads. She was a great planner, navigator and friend. Some 34 years ago we came to a major crossroads in our lives and chose very different paths. Much to the frustration and often annoyance of some of our friends and family, we remained united by a thread that was rarely understood but never broken. We did not always agree, but we always laughed and sometimes cried together. It is so typical of Gail to spring the ultimate surprise and leave us when we least expected it – she was a free spirit. Gail may have passed from her body but memories of her playful caring ways will never leave. I am truly grateful to have known and been able to share such a wonderful person.
Michael Taylor

Beloved Satpriti,
Besides the love and appreciation that I feel for you, and the prayer that you may be sailing in light and in total happiness, I would like to share the loving words that many friend have been sharing through emails sent to Buddha Hall in the past days:

Whatever body reason it was, it seems her soul was ready to take off…. Whoever believes in different lives, as Lamas in many cases amazingly show… And she left in sleep. I can imagine she would have agreed to that way of leaving. Her mom took off last year; Satpriti looked after her all those years and organized everything for her. Lots she prepared and thought of others… Yes, I miss her already so much and I am so grateful for every moment I have spent with her. I bet she flies high… ready for whatever her soul has plans for.

I miss her already, I am still shocked and very sad.

When someone close to me passes on, I always remember the Sufi understanding of death, and it helps me. They call it ‘a wedding with God’ – at last Satpriti’s great marriage day has come! Let’s celebrate for her. She is married into oneness with the great love, the great spirit. Fly high, Satpriti. With love,

That was sudden and unexpected, but I am happy for her that she passed like that. I met her just before we left and she shared that she felt happy and contented, finally living in a caring community and also being able to contribute to it. Having been involved together before with a ‘community dream’ that didn’t materialise, it is great that she found her ‘home’. Love,

…Ohhh and I saw now the message on Facebook about Satpriti’s passing. Wow! this is a big surprise to us and I am sure that it is very painful to you all. We both remember her from our time together in Corfu. She had a beautiful presence and we were hoping to see her again. We are sending you warm condolences and pray that you will find support in the love of your beautiful Buddha Hall community. We will light a candle for her easy passing to the other side.
T. and O.

I will be missing her and wish her a good journey to the other shore.

I´m so shocked to hear about Satpriti! Please, if possible, let me know about other informations via mail, as I´m not in Facebook. Much love from us,
C. and R.

What a shock. Thank you, please let let me know – I have no Facebook. Big hug,

My love is there with her; she was a wounderful being and a friend. From my heart,

I am so sorry to hear that your dear friend and long-time supporter has left so suddenly and unexpectedly. You must all be in a state of shock. As I look at the beautiful photo of her I am shocked – having seen her so recently. The respect and appreciation I felt for her way of being in the community, and in the world, was strong this summer and I feel it now as I join the many who will both grieve her absence and wish her well on the way. I’m sure you are in the midst of friends who have come together to somehow absorb this difficult unfolding and to support each other as your love for Satpriti and her love for you finds its way. Thank you for letting us know. With a long hug and much love,

I´m shedding tears for Satpriti. Heard yesterday. Although I met her only those two times on Corfu, our connection was sweet and loving – almost like sisters…

My heart’s blessings to Satpriti and her onward path; may she be surrounded by love.

Vikas and I were so saddened to hear the news that this remarkable and beautiful person, that was Satpriti, had passed. She was a gift to Arillas and the Buddhafield there. Her smile, her welcome, and her joy were part of the experience in Corfu. We hope her onward journey is filled with love xx

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