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Sona reviews Malimba’s most recent compilation.

music for massageMalimba Records, the label founded by Shastro, has released this new album and that is what it really is: with these tunes you can time your 1-hour massage in case you are using music as a background.

A thick carpeted hotel lobby or any other space for leisure or pleasure might also resonate well with it.

The various composing Malimba artists are ‘maintaining’ the ‘sustained energy level’ they are promising; no need to fear sudden changes.

Most of the pieces have an even melodious line and harmony while others are more free improvisations, sometimes with a few instruments only. The peaceful sequences of benevolent sounds present a supportive tool to aid relaxation.

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Artists are: Nadama, Raphael, Shakya, Palash, Shastro, Nandin

Listen to tracks and purchase (mp3 downloads) from

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