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A two-track digital-only single recently released by Shastro. "We feel that Shangri-La does indeed exist but it can only be found inside, in our own inner shrine..."


Shastro's photos he took flying over Australia.


Chinmaya reviews Shastro's latest album.

Sweet Lotus

Shastro shares on video the first track of his newly released album 'Satsang'.

Sound, Silence and the Exploration of Consciousness

Shastro discovers a door from sound to silence and consciousness.

Whirling Flames: a Love-Affair with Whirling

Shastro, musician and whirling lover, tells the story of the creation of this video.

You, Me and the Planet

Shastro ponders on ecology and the state of our planet.

Zen Moments

Chinmaya reviews Shastro and Raphaël Pinel's newly released CD.

Om Parama

Mantra singer Sudha shares a track from her latest album 'In Her Name' and replies to a few questions.

Music for Massage

Sona reviews Malimba's most recent compilation.

Lovers Night – Track 2

Shastro shares the second track from his new CD 'Lovers Night'.

Lovers Night by Shastro

Reviewed by Chinmaya Dunster

The Four Dimensions

Shastro tells the story how the music track for the No Dimensions Meditation was 'found'.

Let’s Put the Fan on Now

Shastro remembers the first time he was invited to take photographs of Osho.