Lovers Night – Track 2


Shastro shares the second track from his new CD ‘Lovers Night’.

Lovers Night

  Lovers Night

Shastro with clarinet

It is a surprise and a pleasure to see a new album of yours coming out on the market. How long has it been from the previous one?
I took a break from recording that lasted 10 years. Actually I thought I was finished with it… After ‘Earth Sutras’ I felt as if I was just going to repeat myself and it was time for something different in my life. Then one day – about 10 years later – I picked up my old clarinet that I had decided to sell and that anyway I hadn’t played in a long time and as I started blowing on it I suddenly remember why I liked that instrument so much. It was love at second sight! So, out of that desire to play and record the clarinet, I started a new album. 
Did you find that the recording technique had changed in the last 10 years?
Oh yes! I really first had to catch up with the new recording technologies. I felt as if I had just come out of a cave… to use a computer to record was quite a learning curve, very different from my previous analog recording set-up, but I did enjoy the whole learning process. And once I learned it, then I got really excited about the many possibilities that the digital world offers to a recording artist today.

So, are you happy with the results?
I am so surprised and so pleased with this new recording. I think it will be a great follow-up to ‘Tantric Heart’ – that has been one of my best-sellers – and I feel that a lot of people will be happy to have it in their music collection. And the best part is that I feel like I didn’t repeat myself.
Well…I guess I was not done with music yet!

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Shastro was born in Italy and studied to become a fashion photographer in the late 80s. He took sannyas in 1981 and went to Pune in 1986 to see Osho. He photographed Osho in various occasions but also played music for him. He is, together with Sirus, the composer of the music for the No Dimensions Meditation. He is the owner of the USA based label Malimba Records where he has released – to date – 12 of his own CDs and many of other sannyasin musicians. He lives now in Tuscany, Italy.

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