Flight of the Swans


A soulful improvisation by Shastro on bansuri and Suyana on vocals, based on Raga Hamsadwani. Soothing to the soul, this is music to travel on a mystical inner journey…

I played the first time with Suyana a year before in Corfu during a music/meditation festival. It was so powerful that we decided to do it again this year as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Suyana writes and sings her own songs and mantras but she never sang an Indian raga before…yet all I had to do was to play it for her for about 15 minutes the day before the performance and she just picked it up…and not just the notes but the very ‘flair’, the very mood of the raga. It is always magical to play together, somehow we enhance each other’s silence and depth and I am sure it will come across in this video.

Down the ages, in all the mystery schools of the world, music has been used as one of the greatest helps for meditation, for this purpose only – because the outer music can trigger the inner music, it can create a synchronicity.

Listening to the outer music, something can be stirred inside. That always happens when you are listening to music, great music: something inside you starts falling into one unity, a silence is created. For a few moments the crowd of so many quarreling minds disappears, the market-place in you disappears, suddenly there is silence.

Osho, Zorba the Buddha, Ch 9

Link to download the music: malimba.com

Update January 2019: This track has now been included in Shastro’s new album Flute Meditations

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