How to Make Mandalas

Mandala painting Skill Development

Lani, an expert mandala painter, shares on this video all the details on how to make a mandala.

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For several years, I have been teaching children, adults and groups. One does not need to be an artist to create mandalas. I have found it helps anyone but especially children with centering and focusing. People have shared with me that they feel more relaxed and it is quite meditative. They are also surprised by their own creations.

Mandala painting can be used in rituals, parties or different events. Lately I have facilitated rituals making mandalas on the earth using grains, food and things from nature. I also draw patterns on a canvas or big posters and facilitate occasions for birthdays or housewarming parties where groups of people create together.

There are many mandala coloring books on the market these days but it is fun to draw your own, there are so many patterns. In this video I demonstrate how to draw the lotus flower mandala.

Here is the link from where you can buy the mandala book by Eitan Kedmy that I show in the video: – or his website:

Lani grew up in the USA and took sannyas in Rajneeshpuram in 1983. Osho made her his World Ambassador. She is presently living in Israel where she facilitates Osho’s meditations, teaches mandala painting, and works as a Watsu therapist.

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