Mysterious Night


A live recording on video at Mandali Centre in Italy of a piece included in Shastro’s new album, ‘Flute Meditations’.

A beautiful retreat center in Italy invited me to facilitate meditation classes for their monthly Yoga/Meditation retreats. Every retreat lasts 5 to 7 days and – apart from holding the early morning and evening sitting meditations during the retreat – I always offer on the last evening a guided meditation with live music called Doorway to Silence. This is a video from one of those events.

I play a bansuri improv that is special to me, particularly in that it is not based on any known raga (at least as far as I know). Instead, it is based on a raga I have created and that I named Raga Sharga. This was the very first time I performed it in public. It is a nine-note raga that has a very mysterious flavor and each time I play it, I feel a deep longing for the divine arising in me. Maybe you will feel it too… enjoy!

All last year’s Doorway to Silence meditations have been recorded on the spot; I have published an album just now (Flute Meditations) that includes the pieces I liked best. This one is also part of the album.

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