Shastro’s photos he took flying over Australia.

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During my recent flight from New Zealand to Bali, while flying over Australia, I opened the window shade and looked out….in front of my eyes there was an amazing scene: bright white puffy clouds floating in a dense blue sky, casting their dark – almost black – shadows over the warm terracotta-colored landscape below. I had to take a photo… and then another one… and then one more…. For the next three hours the images in front of me kept changing – from one amazing skyscape to an even more dramatic one.

I was not sure if the blurry and distorting glass of the window pane would allow me to get some decent results but I thought I could maybe work something out in the editing phase. (Indeed Adobe Light Room helped me achieve just that. Yes, sometime I just love technology, especially when it supports my creative process.)

Anyway at that point, sitting on the plane and looking out, I just couldn’t put the camera down.

And I am glad I didn’t!

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