Strolling through the Eternal City


Prabhat with his camera in Rome, Italy.

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015 Italy 2016-27
020 Italy 2016-264
025 Italy 2016-274
030 Italy 2016-255
040 Italy 2016-384
050 Italy 2016-284
060 Italy 2016-48
065 Italy 2016-153
070 Italy 2016-147
080 Italy 2016-166
090 Italy 2016-207
100 Italy 2016-172
110 Italy 2016-174
120 Italy 2016-40
130 Italy 2016-305
140 Italy 2016-169
150 Italy 2016-A

Rome was the first place I ever went to by myself. I was 17 when I flew with my girlfriend to Europe during the summer holiday before the last year of high school.

Since then I visited Rome many times, traveling, shooting a movie. It is always the same as it was the first time; it is a place that dwarfs you and makes you feel like a giant all at the same time.

Walking out of any of the numerous churches and into any one of the endless markets, sitting in front of one of the great masterpieces dotting the city or in a coffee shop, it is all the same – high and low become one.

The boundaries that separate art and craft, holy and mundane, culture and wealth, church and state have all disappeared long ago because they were not needed and irrelevant.

What is left is Roma.

PrabhatPrabhat (Nimrod Getter) grew up in Israel and became a filmmaker. In 1975 he came to Pune and participated in Osho’s communes working in various jobs but also as a photographer. After Rajneeshpuram closed he went back to working in motion pictures, working intensely to complete the project and then disappear and travel to the remotest corners until the money lasted, and again go back to work. For the last 12 years his base has been Tel Aviv in Israel. Prabhat is the author of the photo book ‘Is That So’.

Also this year Prabhat will show his photos in an exhibition. ‘More of the Same’ will be at Beit Hamidot, 9-26 April 2017.

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