Paper-wrinkle with Acrylics

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Session 1 of a series of tutorials by designer and painter Shivananda.

Here, Shivananda explains the paper-wrinkle technique to create an interesting background effect after having painted two layers of contrasting colours with acrylics. (Text by Punya)

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Every year sees me in one (or two) of Shivananda’s workshops. They are an opportunity for me to get away from my desk and be totally involved with painting, at least for 3 hours over 3 or 5 days. It is nice to work (i.e. play around) in the open air together with other participants, some total beginners and others who are professional painters. There is inspiring interaction (if you wish so) with others, Shivananda’s comments on your work (if you ask for it) and then his tutorials. The techniques are so simple and effective that anyone can create an interesting and unique piece, whatever their skill. In fact, Shivananda’s motto is: “Everybody can paint!”

Every morning, after setting up our work spaces, we gather around Shivananda’s table, all eager to learn the techniques of the day. The techniques are so interesting that everybody, afraid of forgetting them once back home, is either frantically taking notes and/or taking photographs, instead of relaxing and watching him closely how he does things. After noticing this for the umpteenst time, I asked Shivananda, “Why don’t you have these sessions filmed and uploaded to your website? Then you can tell people to listen to you and not be worried. You can just give them the link and they can watch the videos to refresh their memories. However, what if other people see them who have not been to your workshops?” “No problem, I am happy to share them with everybody,” was his answer.

A few months later I saw that this suggestion had materialised when, by coincidence, I saw a video in one of Shivananda’s posts in Facebook and I asked him, “Can I publish them in Osho News magazine?” His immediate reply was “Sure.” So here we start with number 1 of 4 tutorials (so far) and we intend to publish one a month to keep you inspired.

The videos were filmed by our mutual friend and video man Govinda in the location where the workshops take place every year (from May till September): Alexis Zorbas in Corfu.

Watch all tutorials published so far.


ShivanandaShivananda was born in Switzerland. He worked as a trained typesetter and graphic designer, silkscreen printer, bookbinder and photographer. Twenty years ago he fully engaged himself as a painter, working in Brazil and Switzerland. Music, another expression of his creativity, has been his companion for all his life. He plays the guitar and sings. In summer he lives in Arillas on the Greek island Corfu, where he facilitates painting and singing workshops.

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