…left her body on 25th December 2014.

From Sangeet we hear that Premyog (Margit Kraushaar) passed away on Christmas Day 2014 in St. Wendel, Germany, after an operation on her liver. The operation was successful but, still in hospital, she became weaker and weaker.

Premyog had just turned 60 in June 2014. She had lived many years in New Zealand but a few years ago she wanted to come back and live in Germany to be close to her family and to look after her ageing parents.

Premyog was in charge of the Hannover Disco in the 80’s and also ran the small Leela Rajneesh Commune in Oldenburg, North Germany.

She lived her life to the fullest. Fly high, Premyog, with the Master now. Namaste.

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I was shocked to hear of your sudden passing, Premyog, and wish you all the best for your journey! Much love.

I miss you so much, Premyog. Our deep, long, regular talks over the phone… You were such a good, supportive friend in my live. When I saw you last at your parents’ house end of May we watched Nura’s Celebration in Mevlana life-stream. It was so touching and you said that just for that reason you would love to come back and live in Byron Bay: to have a fare-well like this! I have very good memories of you being here in Australia and when I visited you in New Zealand. You were so strong making the big move back to Germany to be with your folks. Fly high, beloved girlfriend, you’re always in my heart.

You were always so open, connected and kind whenever we met. Beautiful heart. That’s why you were a Prem. This heart is grateful thinking of you. Thank you for you in my life.
Vallabha (Valli)

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