To The Pure Land


A real silence, a real buddhahood, has to be discovered in the world – here and now.

Osho Turquoise Robe

Otherwise it can be phony – most probably it will be phony. It won’t have the fire test. The world is a fire test. If you can become silent here… and I don’t see that there is any hindrance. We become silent here every day, and slowly, slowly the silence will flow into your being, into your daily activities.

Your buddhahood should not be an extraordinary or special thing, but just a pure innocence, reflecting the beauty of this whole universe.

A haiku by Issa:

From the white dewdrops,
Learn the way
To the pure land.

From the white dewdrops, learn the way…. What is he saying?

Have you seen the dewdrops on the lotus leaves? The lotus is the biggest flower in the world, and it has very big leaves floating on the water. In the night, dewdrops gather on the leaves and in the morning they slowly, slowly fall towards the lake, and they silently merge into the lake without making any fuss.

Issa is saying: From the white dewdrops, learn the way to the pure land. By ‘pure land’ he means the buddha land, the buddha consciousness.

Osho, Turning In, Ch 8

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