No Compromise, whatever the Consequence


Osho talks to and about Veeresh (excerpts):

So, Veeresh, no compromise, whatever the consequence. Even if death comes as a result, you will be able to receive death dancingly. Only individuals can receive death dancingly, because only individuals know that there is no death, that it is only a transformation from one form into another form.

The old house has become dilapidated and you enter into a new house. Of course, the old house may think you have died, because you have disappeared. Here you die; and there, immediately, you find a new house, a new form.

Individuals slowly slowly become aware that there is no death. And if they blossom totally, become enlightened, they know it absolutely, with a tremendous relaxation: that they are eternal beings, they are immortal. The whole universe is theirs. They have been here always; they are here now, and they will be here forever. They are an intrinsic part of existence, there is no question of death.

And this is exactly where life should lead you:

To the experience of deathlessness.

Osho, From Death to Deathlessness, Ch 33, Q 1 (excerpt)
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Osho with Veeresh


This beautiful silence… this is my creation.

Thousands of lotuses suddenly start flowering.

Thousands of hearts suddenly become a tremendous harmony, a song, a blissfulness.

Just the other day I said a few words about Veeresh, one of the most sincere, honest and authentic therapists. And just now as I entered I saw him again. He was crying just like a child, with utter joy.

These tears are my creation.

They will not be recorded in any history book, but they will transform many who will come in contact with him. With his tears he has bridged his heart with my heart, his being with my being. He is one of the silent workers who go on doing, without bragging about anything.

This joke is for Veeresh, not to have any more tears but to have great laughter.

A frustrated spinster was a menace to the police. She kept phoning up to say that there was a man under her bed. Before long she was sent to the mental hospital where she was treated with the latest drugs until one day she declared that she was cured.

“You mean, Miss Rustavian,” asked one of the panel of shrinks, “that you can no longer see a man under you bed?”

“No, I can’t,” she replied, “I can see two.”

The doctors consulted and diagnosed her complaint as malignant virginity, for which there was only one kind of injection that would cure her. They decided to shut her up in her bedroom with Big Don, the hospital handyman. Big Don was told of her complaint and that he would be locked up with her for an hour. He said that it would not take so long.

As the bedroom door closed an anxious group gathered outside. From inside was heard, “No, stop it, Don! Mother would never forgive you.”

“Stop yelling! It has got to be done sometime! It should have been done years ago.”

“Have it your way by force then, you brute!”

“It is only what your husband would have done if you had married.”

The medics could not wait. They burst into the room.

“I have cured her!” cried Don.

“He’s cured me!” called out Miss Rustavian. “He has chopped the legs off the bed!”

Osho, Satyam, Shivam Sunderam, Ch 30, Q 2 (excerpt)

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