…left his body on 27th January 2015.


When I die, what I would like written about me is:

Here lies Veeresh,
a man of Osho.
He loved,
and he was loved
by many.”

Quote from Veeresh during the 2010 Rainbow Spirit Festival when Deva Premal and Miten invited Veeresh on stage to say a few words on love. Video on YouTube


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Veeresh ceremony


Veeresh was the founder and president of the Osho Humaniversity. He was an innovative therapist and an inspiring teacher whose work has touched many lives. His challenging and creative approach allows people to move beyond self-imposed limits into a fresh understanding and grounded self-confidence.

He worked with a multi-national team of therapists at the OSHO Humaniversity and lead workshops in the Netherlands and around the world. He has created many therapeutic processes, including the AUM Meditation and other Social Meditations.

For Veeresh, the greatest human art is friendship. Because of this, he has developed a community and a therapy where friendship is the highest value. He was also a prolific painter and produced the music of ‘Veeresh and the Humaniversity Sound’.

Veeresh was born Denny Yuson-Sánchez in New York City in 1938. From the age of 14 to 28, he was a heroin addict. After many unsuccessful treatments, he joined Phoenix House, a new and innovative drug rehabilitation programme in 1967. There he overcame his addiction and subsequently trained in addiction therapy. In 1970 he was invited to London to establish and run the first Phoenix House outside the United States. He became a successful therapist and began to lead personal growth workshops for the public.

In 1974, he met Osho in Pune, India. He was deeply touched by Osho’s philosophy, and received the name ‘Anand Veeresh’, meaning ‘bliss beyond fear’. The next year he was invited by the Dutch government to direct a training programme for addiction therapists in The Hague.

Through his connection to Osho he was inspired to bring his work to more people and train the best therapists in the world. In order to do this, he founded in 1978 what is now known as the Osho Humaniversity, an independent, residential personal development and training institute on the North Sea coast of the Netherlands.

Veeresh has trained hundreds of therapists and affected thousands of people through his work, always guided by the principle that ‘Love is Always the Answer’.

“After all these years, I have learned to be the master of my life, of who I am. Never do I want to be the master of someone else. I have discovered the art of how to love and to be loved in return. This makes me complete.”

Veeresh was diagnosed, only recently, with liver cancer and was admitted to hospital in Germany, were he died.

The Farewell Ceremony will take place on Saturday, 31th January at Osho Humaniversity 2pm.

Based on the biography on Humaniversity’s website


Chandrika, shares the quote she read at Veeresh’s Farewell Ceremony in Pune:

Just the other day I said a few words about Veeresh, one of the most sincere, honest and authentic therapists. And just now as I entered I saw him again. He was crying just like a child, with utter joy.

These tears are my creation.

They will not be recorded in any history book, but they will transform many who will come in contact with him. With his tears he has bridged his heart with my heart, his being with my being. He is one of the silent workers who go on doing, without bragging about anything. 1)

She also writes:

“Before I left Holland Veeresh had said to me, ‘Chandrika, this time you have to go without me to Osho’s place’.

“The night before the last day of our group ‘Friendship – The Way of the Heart’ we heard the news that Veeresh had left his body and the whole Resort turned into loving friends everywhere, hugging us, sharing the love for Veeresh. Veeresh was there; he was radiating in everybody’s heart, this warm deep love. We celebrated in the evening in a full packed Plaza which was decorated in his favourite colours of red and gold. Playing his music, dancing, listening to his words, crying in deep gratitude and melting our hearts by hugging each other. The following day we went to Osho’s Samadhi, and we all could feel he was there. Veeresh and Osho are now together.

“We met with his dear friend, his Pune driver Ibrahim. He said Veeresh had an incredible heart, he loved everybody the same, him, Hafiz the waiter, Shree Lalit, just everyone that he met. He said he is reading the 30 chapters of the Koran for Veeresh’s soul together with 30 orphans, with very pure hearts, so that Veeresh will have a very good passage to heaven. With tears in his eyes, he said, “Don’t cry with a heavy heart otherwise the river will get too vast to cross over for Veeresh’s soul and he deserves to have an easy journey.” I realised that the tears for Osho are the same tears we have for Veeresh and they are the bridge that will make it easy for him to cross the river to paradise. He is in our hearts forever. He gave me cookies to share after the ceremony, prasad, the offering.

“Beloved Veeresh, you gave us all so much. You are a man of Osho who loved and was loved by many. I cannot find words that can describe the love I feel for you. You are so courageous and so humble, so kind and loving, and so human. The only thing I can say is thank you form the deepest core of my heart. I promise to take care of our Humaniversity family the best I can with all the love I have. Osho promised to wait to celebrate and welcome you with us on this final journey after life. Veeresh go in peace. You live in our hearts forever.”

1) excerpt from Satyam Shivam Sundram, Ch 30, Q 1


Osho talks to and about Veeresh: No Compromise, whatever the Consequence
Geetee interviews Veeresh: Shaktipat – A Heart to Heart Connection
An article and video on AUM Meditation for World Peace
Video of Veeresh leading a Death Meditation


You can leave a message / tribute / anecdote using our contact form (pls add ‘Veeresh’ in the subject field)…

Even though I have not seen Veeresh in years, he is still one of my deeply loved people. I really appreciate all he has manifested in his life for the benefit of so many. I always remember the first time I met him. I was in a small gathering sitting in Osho’s presence, in Darshan. Veeresh had taken sannyas by post and was meeting Osho for the first time. Osho had given him the name, Anand Anant. Osho asked him how he was and how he was enjoying the commune. Anand Anant answered that he was very happy to be here, but that there was something on his mind that he needed to clear. Osho leaned forward and listened attentively. Then he burst into a grin and a chuckle as Anand Anant spoke up in his New York Harlem accent “Thank you for sannyas Bhagwan. You know I adore you. But Bhagwan, I just can’t get into the name you have given me, Anand Anant. It reminds me of that song, the one that goes, Na na na na, na na na na na na na na na! You know that song? I just can’t dig it, you know?” Osho laughed and immediately gave him his new name, Veeresh.

It was very unusual for Osho to agree to give anyone a new name after they had received sannyas, so this action revealed something about their special bond, right from the beginning. Over the years, even though Veeresh was mainly in the West, not staying for long in the Commune, Osho continued showering him with an abundance of love. When I would see them together, They appeared to be like long lost friends. I am telling this story because to me it offers a quality of the eternal freshness and candour that was Veeresh. Even though Veeresh’s body has died, his effervescent spirit will continue to tickle and delight anyone who is open to him.

I remember that Osho had declared Veeresh to be one of a category of enlightened beings who out of compassion, leave the mountain top and move down into the valley to help people to find their way. Throughout his life, he stayed a lot in the valley, bringing the wisdom of his love and compassion to the shadowed areas of the human psyche. Having been a drug addict in his youth meant that when he helped people, he was sharing from his own deeply lived experience. That is why he could be so effective. Later, his work became a beacon and a haven for anyone who felt the call to awaken all that they could be through radically emotive methods. I noticed that as Veeresh got older, he simultaneously became more holistic in his approach, merging the masculine and feminine within. His has been an evolution of consciousness played on the world stage. These evolutionary steps are not lost with his death. They are our legacy.

Thank you Veeresh, for your phenomenal creativity and love. In deep gratitude, I bow to your presence as the eternal friend. Love,

Beloved Veeresh, This morning I received the message that you left your body. I never did any therapy with you and yet you touched my life in other ways that had a long lasting impact upon me. I always admired your work and more than that your earthy and real approach. I remember once in Poona 1 being delighted when I heard you’d been busted eating a bacon sandwich and Blue Diamond Hotel. It made me realise as a very young sannyasin that the rebellious spirit was welcomed and encouraged, whatever form it may take. This gave me courage to become myself intrinsically. I was also in a discourse in Lao Tzu house when we all came back to Poona the second time and Osho said you were present that night and how you were his dear friend and doing such fabulous work in world. You were so shy of Osho and that endeared me more. Thank you Veeresh for doing such good works on this planet, we can’t save anyone, but we can sure as anything support those who wish to save themselves. With much love and deep respect…
Satrup <3

Beloved Rebel, been playing your music and you were so present yesterday, and now … WOW! To hear from your community of friends and lovers that you ‘left beautifully’ makes my heart very glad. Thank you for your contribution to make this world a better place. Thank you for the moments we’ve met in your radical crazy ways of therapy and for the warm hugs. I never forget your empowering encouragement during ‘my tourist program’ and the way you respected me when we met years later in Poona. It has always been a joy to meet you, very unique lover of Osho. I am forever grateful! Fly high & say ‘hi’….

Beloved Veeresh, I’m shocked, thought you would live forever. Your leaving the body is a shake-up that’s a wake-up. That is exactly what I learned from you, every time I was in the Humaniversity. That is what I love in my own work with people. Thank you for your uncompromisin,g yet unconditionally heartful approach. You’re in my Heart forever….
Wilko / Devakirti

May your soul dwell in joyful surroundings and your love stay as strong and true as it is. Thank you for your contribution to this world! Namaste,

Beloved Veeresh, you have shared your love with me. I am crying with gratitude. Have a good journey into the light.. With love,

Dearest Veeresh, I cannot believe that you left your body. You have created such aliveness. You have lifted the earth up. Veeresh, the whole earth will miss you and yet…carry your presence. I am deeply touched by your love and deep respect for Osho. And I imagine you in his presence…. Love from

Thank You Beloved Veeresh! Tears flowing…of overwhelming gratitude, of shock, of waking up to the reality that we all have to leave this body one day, of wanting to have seen you again in the body at least one more time to express my gratitude for your guidance and compassion. Thank you for being. You Beloved, you are in my heart always,

Everyone you touched came away tasting of Osho – plus a bit of the hot sauce that was pure Veeresh!
Prem Jim Katz

Although I have not met Veeresh in person but that doesn’t really matter. I know him from his work, from his love for Osho, and moreover, Osho’s love for him. You will surely be missed! You enjoyed life, now in joy being oceanic. Love, light and prayers!
Krishna Dev Satyarthi

To our beloved Veeresh: From the first time I met you in Poona in 1976, up through now – you have been melted totally and completely into the Master, and have carried Osho’s love to so many many people. Thank you for creating something beautiful in the world, and for sharing your humor, intensity, creativity and your many qualities – most of all your immense heart, your path of love and your unwavering YES! You have been an inspiration to me, I celebrate with you as you let go – and I will miss you.
Prem Maneesha (the Dancing one!)

Goodbye kemosabe, this one and so many others will miss you, remember you. Thank you so much for all the wonderful times together – the best hugs, the lack of bullshit, the utter devotion to Osho. Look for you the next time around. Love beyond love,

Thank you Veeresh! Meeting you helped me to experience more of me. Love to you, Osho and all my fellow sannyasins! See you in another world or another life somewhere in the universe!
Prem Vatika

Your Legacy is so, so big as the love you shared with us. Go to Osho, to love, to peace. Thanks for teaching me that love is always the answer.
Liege Martins

Brother Veeresh, Brother New Yorker, Brother Sannyasin, the last time we met was sherry-hour 20 yrs ago, the short time we had together to connect and get down, has stayed deeply in my heart, as though a day has never passed! Your beauty, love, and devotion has touched me and so many. I need not say it, for I know you rest in peace! We’ll hook up on the other side in the not too distant future. Ciao for now Bro…
Tino Deva Tarpana

Now… it will happen the biggest WOW: Osho and Veeresh Together in the heavens! Love you forever!
Deva Janani

Dear Veeresh, it all began with you on a 48-hour Marathon in 1978. You saved my life, I was 25. I will never forget. I love you forever. Through you I learned to love life, not to be afraid of my feelings, express myself. Through you I heard of Bhagwan-Osho, took sannyas. You are my main man even though I haven’t seen you in such a long time. Fly high in the heavens. You are in my heart forever. Your work will live forever. I also will carry your work on forth. I cannot say enough: Thank you. Love,
Ma Anand Surajo

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You,
Ma Yoga Bhadra

Thank you Veeresh for being part of my daily life and inspirations. I continue feeling held, supported, connected, loved and loved. Yahoo!,

With deepest gratitude I thank you Veeresh. Bliss beyond fear…for being with Osho, and beaming your shining light so brightly and deeply into our hearts. For teaching us “Love is always the answer!” Thank you for your great loving presence, works, and inspirations, at our beloved Osho Leela Community. Thank you, Namaste,

Dear brothers and sisters in love, I’m so tremendously grateful and glad to have met this great loving being, Veeresh! It’s one of the lucky happenings of this life, to look into his eyes, to have his hug, to be in the aura of his love! To have met a being like him is something very special! To be inspired by him also. To honor his work of love for Osho and his friends, his many beautiful creations, his words, spoken, written and unspoken… will allways be with me! THIS IS IT – he will be always in my heart! Much love to all, OM SHANTI OM,
Bodhi Pradeepti from Germany

Last Wednesday night I woke up suddenly at around three o’clock, clear and awake, watching my thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking about Veeresh and what his work meant for me. With him I discovered much about the acceptance of my innocence versus inferiority complex. About the complexity of ego and the meaning of love. Now I know what happened at that moment; I see a conformation of my belief in how strongly we are all connected in the universe. beyond life and death. Thank you for being in my life.
Swami Anand Bhavya

Dearest Veeresh, Dearest Denny (that’s how I knew you when we first met),
It was 1972, I had just moved by chance into an apartment in Kilburn, London. There I met Steve – a wild highly educated bio-chemist who had a secret lab at Cambridge University making mescaline. He was connected with a squatters community in Finsbury Park. One day I saw him come into the kitchen after doing a 7-day marathon with members of this community. I had never seen somebody so vulnerable and open. I also saw the apprehension with which he regarded his reentery into the normal world. Within weeks I had moved into a neighbouring seat and was ready for my first therapy weekend with Denny. Of course he had a reputation – he was a therapist!
But what I saw there was a short Latino with an Afro tottering on platform shoes wearing a short-sleeved pullover with a giant mushroom. Not so much image blown – more like image pulverised. I did therapy with him for about a year including my first marathons. I learned to give it ALL! I learned that being total is a step beyond ‘giving it all’! And that the unconscious control we have when we ‘give it all’ leads to madness. I learned the safety and love of a group and the beginnings of what it really means to trust – nothing to do with another. The squatting scene in Finsbury Park grew – I do not exaggerate when I say at least 50 sannyasins came out of this scene and the huge majority had had or were to have a connection with this man.
He was sometimes controversial as a sannyasin but I was always astounded and impressed that Osho always expressed his love for him.
A courageous man. A loving man. Always risking the edge.
May you be dissolving into your true nothingness.
In gratitude
I am not alone in that.
No tears needed for you
Let the celebrations continue

I want to get up and dance in gratitude for all the Love and Music and Sincerity I learnt from you… but I am weak and I have broken down in tears! You were such an amazing teacher and friend to sooooooo many. May the legacy of Humaniversity and all who have walked through Osho’s and your doors continue to do your work. AUM Veeresh! AUM! Prem Devani

Beloved Veeresh, what moved me the most was your totality with Osho, and how you gave a swing to everything. Thank you for being there so long and so available, laughter and tears,

Veeresh my love, we have been such good friends. You will live in my heart forever. We had so many great adventures together. We met in Rome in 1984, and a great great love was born. We created the Mysfit City there; we had so much joy together. We went and stayed together with Osho, in the same hotel, when He went to Katmandu the same day we knew about it. What a sharing we had…. We shared the same love for Osho, our Master. You were not shy to declare that, as I’m not shy. You have touched countless hearts, your love, your work, your courage, your limitless heart have transformed so many lives, and I’m proud to say my heart is with your heart forever. Now you are dancing with Osho, what a joy! Your energy, your smile, your warmth will shine forever in the hearts of your lovers and friends. With all my gratitude and love for all you have shown and shared. I’m with you,

Dear Veeresh, my infinite gratitude and my deepest respects! You will never die but I’ll surely miss your smile. LOVE FOR EVER,
Prem Mahakavi

Beloved Veeresh, rour leaving the body so early brings tears to my eyes. A moment of truth and love – again, and again, and again. This is how you will live on in my heart, forever. Thank you and farewell my friend,


Veeresh, we have never met, but I loved your work and your love for Osho. I hope you are joyfully back home. In love and light,

Old friend, so you hit the high road! It’s so long since we hung out together. Still, your generosity, your crazy mystic playfulness, and a wordless understanding that always flowed between us, keep your spirit alive in me. We met, we will meet, we meet now and always, in eternity. Bon voyage, dearest Veeresh!
Alan Lowen – Anand Rajen

Beloved Veeresh, I will always be grateful for the “Resurrection Group”, Prempantha, Devon (1977). You turned the master key and I flew to my master. With love,
Basho (Prem Rajan)

Dear Veeresh, much time has passed since we saw each other last time…never forgotten. Many journeys, many experiences… Thank you for your Love, support, understanding. To be part of Humaniversity’s programs and courses, was one of the best times of my life. Fly high, dear friend, you are in my heart…
Ma Prem Lolit

Beloved Veeresh, I know you’re just fine, dancing in the love you’ve always carried… but damn I’ll miss you. Thank you Veeresh for being so beautifully yourself, for your overwhelming love of our most beautiful master, for bringing so much to this planet. Love you, fellow traveller, thank you, thank you, thank you. And fly very high beloved – I hope our loving you gives even more wind under your great wings.

Beloved Veeresh, we never met, but once I saw you in a video with Osho, so touching it was for me. And I saw you also in pictures in the darshan diaries, loving Osho’s times with you. So I just had to send you an email a few years back, telling you I love Osho and I love all of Osho’s friends, about how I met Osho in 1995, and how it is a never-ending love affair. I didn’t hear back from you, but a year later I received an email from Chandrika saying that my email had been buried under other mail and that now Veeresh has read it and he sends his love! Oh, thank you for that love. And thank you for your life and your recovery. I have had someone very close to me involved with heroin, and your life of celebration beyond heroin cheers me. Always your friend,

Thank you for being my teacher and inspiration for living my potential. With Gratitude and Love. You are in my heart forever,
Prem Urja

Thank you for everything! Always in love,

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