Aklank Bharti


…left his body on 8th February 2015.

Sw Akalank

Akalank was Osho’s third younger brother and was initiated into sannyas by Osho in Rajneeshpuram.

He had been working as chief engineer at Orient Paper Mills, Amlai, and after his retirement he settled in Jabalpur, together with his wife Ma Shashi Bharti. They then sold their Jabalpur house to go and stay in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, with their son.

Shashi recently shared, in an article in Sadana Path Magazine, her memories when Osho stayed at her father’s house as a tenant, while she was still a small girl.

When Dharm Jyoti visited Aklank in Kanpur, he told her how Osho continued to work as a professor, even after his enlightenment, in order to take care and support his siblings’ education.

Akalank had been suffering from diabetes and heart problems. After a heart attack he died in a hospital in Kanpur aged 74.

Osho's family

In this family photo, Aklank is the one standing in the back right behind Osho with a baby on his arm. His wife Shashi is on his left.


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What a wonderful family. We are lucky they are still around. I am grateful to them.
Anil Vora (aka Anand Prem)

We still remember you Aklank and Shashi Khante of Dalmianagar. We remember Bhajia on the slightest trace of clouds. R K Jain remembers meeting at Amlai. We are very very very very very sorry to learn about this absolutely untimely tragedy. Aklank will be in heaven. I remember a trip with him to Hyderabad. A wonderful soul full of life at all times.
R K Jain Shobha

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