We Have to Step Into the Unknown

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Charles Eisenstein is a writer, public speaker, and self-described ‘degrowth activist’.

He is the author of several books including The Ascent of Humanity, Sacred Economics, and The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible.

In this video he encourages people to embrace a radically different understanding of cause and effect, sounding a clarion call to surrender our old worldview of separation, and expresses a deep understanding of what humanity must do.

What has to happen to a human being for them to do the things that people do to each other?”

In order to find your way, you must get lost. There is a vast territory between what we are trying to leave behind and where we want to go. And we don’t have any maps for that territory.”

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I think what is happening is that underneath the surface the ideological core of our civilization is hollowing out.”


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Director/Editor: Ian MacKenzie
Producer: Chris Agnos – sustainablehuman.me
Sound Design – Jeremy Therrien
Transcription – Matthew Watrous

Charles Eisenstein – charleseisenstein.net

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