Dhyan Gayan


…left his body on 15th February 2015.


Archano Gayan
Gayan and
Gayan Archano Anupo
Gayan last day with friends


Gayan took sannyas in Pune in 1980. He was part of the communes in Pune, Australia and Oregon. In Pune 2 he was the coordinator of Healing Arts for some time. After Osho had left his body Gayan continued to visit Pune every year on his holidays from work. He turned his visits into personal retreats, participating in meditations and evening meetings.

Besides having a black belt in Aikido and being a committed teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong during his last 20 years, he was also a passionate musician. He wrote his own music which was played in satsangs in the Australian communes.

Gayan was loved for his integrity, generosity and mischievous humour.

His partner Archano and many close friends gathered at his bedside at the hospice and celebrated his passing by sitting silently, singing and dancing, laughing and crying, sharing stories and…….blowing soap bubbles over his body. They say they couldn’t help but notice a little smile on his lips.


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Thank you to beloved Gayan for all that he gave me, I am still cherishing the musical hours we spent together with some others from Freo. Love and strength to beloved Archano for the time that lies ahead.

Thank you Gayan for your music and songs. I am so grateful to have shared musical moments with you…
Deva Vismaya

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