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Dr. Sudhakar Bharti’s darshan with Osho on heredity and conception – by Ageh Bharti

Sudhakar Bharti     Darshan in garden

There have been many buddhas in the human history but there appears to be none like Osho. He is a great artist, an author, a poet, a scientist, a great storyteller, an unbelievable teller of jokes and what not! And to be all that he worked hard too. Reading about two lakhs [200,000 ed.] books in one life is nothing less than a miracle.

A few years ago, when I was talking to Dr. Sudhakar Bharti, a friend of mine, he recited a very nice story that happened at the time of his darshan at the Pune ashram. I would like to share it here in his own words:

It was July 15, 1975 during the evening darshan with Osho. In those days, I was in Kanpur as a research scholar working on a subject pertaining to heredity. Osho asked me, “Have you understood heredity?”

Hesitatingly I told him that I had some bookish knowledge on the subject. Hearing this, he asked a question which appears ordinary on the surface but is very deep. He asked, “Is conception possible between a young and healthy boy and girl only by the first intercourse?”

I said, “The success of conception depends on several and varied factors. For instance…”

Interrupting me in the middle of my sentence, Osho said, “What would your answer be in case all factors are normal?”

I firmly replied, “In such cases conception should take place in 99.9 % of the cases.”

At this Osho smiled a little and said, “What have you to say about the 0.01%?”

I answered, “Probability is never a sure shot – it is partial.”

Finding me at the end of my knowledge, he became silent for a moment as if he had reached some unknown territory and then said, “You are right to the extent of the invention of science.”

My curiosity was not satisfied, so I asked, “Beloved Master, kindly throw light on the fact as to why 100% conception is not possible.”

He said, “At the time of conception, the woman has only one egg whereas in the man’s case, nearly three billion sperms are ready to meet the egg. A man’s sperm acts as if it is competing with all others to be the first to meet the egg of the woman. The sperm that meets the egg and the prearrangement made by the genes makes it possible to settle or decide all the characteristics of the child to be born. If any soul satisfied with these characteristics is eager and available, it enters; and in case no soul accepts these characteristics, conception will not be possible.”

I immediately asked, “And if two souls are ready at the same time to accept these characteristics?”

“In such a case, twins will be born. If two different sperms meet the egg together and two souls are also eager to accept the characteristics, the state of un-identical (fraternal) twins will be created.”

My curiosity was satisfied and in this very context Osho said, “Science is at present making research into souls and the mystery will be solved in the next five hundred years to come.”

This is but one example – Osho’s peculiarities can be felt in every sphere of life. He is not bound within knowledge only. His personality goes much beyond that – to the unfathomable which is sometimes hard to understand.

Ageh Bharti

Illustration: The photo shows a darshan held in Lao Tzu garden in 1974 although the darshan mentioned in the story took place on the porch of Lao Tzu House (no images in our archives).

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