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Kul Bhushan writes about a series of meditations being held in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake in Nepal.

Earthquake meditation

The first such meditation took place at Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre in South Delhi on last Sunday, soon after the calamity. Since then, daily sessions of the Atisha Heart meditation are held at Oshodham campus on the outskirts of Delhi.

Atisha is one of the unique methods when participants breathe in all the negativity in the form of pain, agony and suffering and then breathe out positivity of benediction, blessings and peace. This Buddhist meditation is totally contrary to the normal concept of breathing in positive, and breathing out, negative vibrations.

These sessions will continue until the full moon night of Buddha Purnima on May 4th when Buddha was born, became enlightened and left his body. By participating the Atisha meditation Osho’s sannyasins are sending positive and healing energy to the victims and peaceful energy to all those who lost their lives suddenly without warning; they also send energy and strength for the rescue and relief workers.

Osho World Foundation has been actively involved in rebuilding and sharing resources after Gujarat was devastated by a massive earthquake in 2001 and organized a special dance performance which was attended by the then Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Osho World Foundation was equally involved in assisting victims of the tsumani that hit the South Indian coast in 2004. Following this tradition, Osho World Foundation is mobilizing assistance for the Nepal earthquake victims as well.

Osho speaks about a Zen master who was having dinner with his disciples when a major earthquake struck. As everything shook, swayed and things began to fall all over, the disciples quickly ran to another room and some dashed outside in the open. But the Zen master sat still where he was and closed his eyes.

After a few minutes, the earthquake was over; the disciples began to tiptoe back to where the master was sitting in silence. When they asked him why he had not run away, he replied, “Where can you run? The earthquake is everywhere – in this room, the next room and even outside. So the only place you can escape is inside yourself. And that’s what I was doing.”

In this very context, Osho’s disciples are moving in to send positive vibrations and energy to all those affected by this earthquake.

Kul Bhushan

Osho World Foundation

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