Horoscope July 2015


Tranquillity, reconciliation and healing will help invoke constructive and solution-oriented forces, says Sitara.


Cancer and leo

Sun 9° Cancer – 8° Leo
Moon 24° Sagittarius – 15° Aquarius
Mercury 18° Gemini – 17° Leo
Venus, retrograde from 25th 21° – 30° Leo
Mars 4° – 25° Cancer
Jupiter 21°- 28° Leo
Saturn, retrograde 29° – 28° Scorpio
Chiron, retrograde 22° – 21° Pisces
Uranus 20° Aries
Neptune, retrograde 10° – 9° Pisces
Pluto, retrograde 14° Capricorn
North Node 5° – 4° Libra
Lilith 24° – 27° Virgo
Full Moon, 2nd, 2.21 h GMT 10° Capricorn
New Moon 16th, 1.25 h GMT 23° Cancer
Full Moon, 31st, 10.44 h GMT 8° Aquarius


Mood of the Moment

In early July everything is still coming up roses and, fortunately, throughout the month powerful tension-relieving constellations will be formed. Nevertheless dicey situations abound, a whole lot of challenges that require intelligent solutions. Power and powerlessness, oppression and liberation will make emotions boil up while personal emotional hurts that have little to do with the here-now play a weighty role. Now it takes more than just one mature capable personality to separate squabblers from one another – along with many, a great many people who create an energetic counterweight in this world through meditation, prayer and loving togetherness. Creative activity may fulfil this function too but only if beauty and benefaction are created. Denouncing negativity only stirs destructive emotions. Right now it is a matter of specifically reinforcing the existent positives.

Instead of allowing the destructive frenzy to seize you, it is necessary to go with the energies that promote tranquillity, reconciliation and healing. A look at the constellations of the months ahead allows for the hope that the constructive and solution-oriented forces will ultimately have the upper hand.


AriesAries: Stick to that within that is able to sit back and relax, to that which appreciates the value of accepting matters simply the way they are. To deal with them with such attitude now is substantially more promising than being hell-bent on pushing through your own ideas. You are part of a larger whole – try to intuit what would be good for this larger whole, because it will be good for you too. Otherwise enjoy non-doing and from this joyfulness share with others.


TaurusTaurus: Enjoy the spirit of starting afresh; you can jump into July with flying colours! However, in the course of the month you will probably have to backpedal. Fundamental corrections will become necessary at the latest in August. This will concern several areas of your life, particularly if you have overestimated yourself or your chances. Around the new moon your moderating influence is called for, because most other zodiac signs are buffeted by the current tumultuous constellations. Be pragmatic and pay attention to details.


GeminiGemini: The inspiration and colourfulness of last month extend up to mid July but then the basic energy changes. You become softer, but also – maybe in order to protect yourself – more nervous and strident. The tension escalates because also other people show little willingness to compromise. Only a withdrawal helps now, to reflect on essentials and turn to daily routine instead of wanting answers to fundamental issues. In the last third of July the mind will start to work more positively again, promising solutions.


CancerCancer: July is marked by contrasts: it has great potential and promises to be suspenseful. However, an exceptional number of beneficial and relaxing trines stand by your side. Neptune softly takes the reins from your hands, making plain that maybe your goals lie elsewhere than expected. Chiron helps you to compromise and find pragmatic solutions. And Saturn gives you grounding and a sense of security. With these three you will be able to cope even during the critical middle of the month.


LeoLeo: In the first week of July you are still fully enjoying the awesome June constellations. But in the second week you need to be alert in order to direct the soaring and potentially destructive energies in a creative direction. Should this not be possible, accept it and in your meditation take the forces exactly as they are deep into your heart, which will radiate them in a transformed way back out into the world. Peace and harmony are the result. From the end of July liberate yourself and others from your romantic ideas.


VirgoVirgo: The beginning of the month bestows you with challenging discussions and complex learning topics. But the tension, similar as during June consisting of a polarisation of power and powerlessness, will dissolve gradually. You open up, take things as they are and will be able to make the best of it all. In the last third of July, developments are triggered that will come to a completion only in October. Changes in matters of the heart, creativity, beauty or finances are still temporary and not reliable.


LibraLibra: A versatile month that starts nice and full of promise. Exploit your possibilities but think long term. Your exuberance should not degenerate into cockiness as this would mean you would have to readjust too much in August and September. In mid-July Saturn hits the brakes and prompts you to a first stock-taking. The last week of July is suited for a detailed examination of your life; take care of open questions and clear up what is still unresolved. However, permanent results are not yet to be expected.


ScorpioScorpio: In the first two thirds of the month there are still hurdles to overcome. Face the challenges. Now stonewalling won’t work but also attempts – to forcefully push your own ideas through will only lead to even more obstacles. By involving others you can gain tremendously if you put your energy into finding creative solutions instead of wearing yourself out with opposition. The last third of the month is unclouded. Saturn provides you with grounding, composing yourself and tranquillity.


SagittariusSagittarius: Your great time continues – only the very first Sagittarius’ might still feel Saturn. Otherwise the proverbial Sag-optimism predominates. What still applies is to totally commit to matters close to your heart. However, pay attention to the small print, because in the long term the consequences of your splendid summertime will be put under the microscope by Saturn. So rather handle everything now correctly instead of having to struggle during autumn and winter. Don’t worry, this won’t take the wind out of your sails!


CapricornCapricorn: The challenges remain, but now you can take action. Just take care to keep your cool. Do not allow yourself to be ruled by the desire to be right or to win and dominate. Of course you do not want to be a loser, but winning at the expense of others won’t make anyone happy. Therefore be fair – indeed, try to get others on board. Confrontation during the first half of July is easy but not rewarding. By end of July matters settle down and you will easily find the right words.


AquariusAquarius: Your quick mind and your innovative ideas ensure a good start in July. To begin with you can take others along well, but increasingly circumstances based on emotional entanglements get in your way. Think comprehensively and heed the emotional level when you are dealing with other people. Not everyone can act as detached from their emotional responses as you do. If you assess the emotional state of other people wrongly, it will result in misunderstandings, conflicts and disputes.


PiscesPisces: In July you’re hitting the jackpot! In the beginning there could still be minor communication problems, but they will soon be overcome and from then on everything is in flux. Relax, unwind, let yourself go with the flow – healing, reconciliation and regeneration are now of high importance. What’s more, everything spiritual bears fruit and loneliness may be better now than too much company. An ideal vacation month if one does not plan a gruelling adventure trip or a sweat-inducing party holiday.


SitaraSitara became a disciple of Osho’s in 1979. She lives in Germany and has been writing the horoscopes of the German Osho Times since 1998. Passionate about astrology since childhood, she has published several books on the subject. She gives personal sessions, also over phone or Skype, focusing on spiritual development. Moreover, Sitara offers end-of-life care counselling (free of charge). She is currently teaching and writing about traditional advaita vedanta for Western seekers. www.astro-sitara.de

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