Sandesh from Japan (updated)


…left his body in July 2015.

Sandesh (Hiko Ishida) was one of the drummers for White Robe Meeting in Pune 2. He was also part of Nivedano’s Oshoba band which played for the last meditations with Osho.

Sandesh playing for an exhibition
Sandesh playing for an exhibition 2
harida sandesh and x
sandesh celebration
Harida Sandesh Rupesh


Siddhena, who has done Live Painting with Live Sound Installations together with Sandesh, writes:

A soft rain has been falling today bringing a gentle coolness to Kyoto. Here in Honenin temple the umbrella of trees is a brilliant green in this moistness and the temple pond is making rings and ripples in the soft grey light.

Sandesh’s mysterious and vibrant music is playing in the gallery space, bringing his unique presence in the stillness of the temple. A dragonfly has been inside the exhibition space all day, dancing between the lights. My heart is full with him these days – his qualities now all in One, the poetic and rebellious, the craziness and gentleness now iridescent and everywhere.

Late last year he had decided he was finished with Tokyo and by April this year he’d moved to Kyoto back to his family home. He sounded good and felt the move was right and he could rest now deep inside. We began to plan a new project together, a movie. Not long after, he published his last piece of music ‘Life Death Buddha Nature’ [see below] and it seemed he stopped posting his wonderful photos to us on Facebook. And then he did not answer his phone. By the end of the month I was concerned, but kept trying to reach him. Other friends had not heard from him either. So I wrote a letter to his old Tokyo address hoping it might be forwarded on to him or at least his family. Time passed and then I received a letter from his family telling me he had died in July. I am hoping to meet his family to share with them about his departure.

How is not so important now.

Yes, he is here and fully clear.

Sandesh was going to play here in the gallery bringing his special response to the creativity we have been sharing. That lightness, that ‘matterless’ quality, spiced both with his probing inquiry and love of the absurd.

Dear Sandesh, how can I miss you when you are joking in my ear and playing in the sunlight of No Mind?

At the beginning of this year Sandesh released ‘Life Death Buddha Nature’:

Every so often his friends on Facebook had the chance to admire the photos Sandesh had just taken in his garden and neighbourhood. Here two slideshows as a reminder of their beauty and poetry: Patterns and Hydrangeas

There will be a celebration in a few days.

Info and photos thanks to Radha, Harida, Niket, Siddhena, Sandesh B. and Mega.


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Dear Beloved Sandesh! May you dissolve into the universe as light and as beautiful as your awesome photos and spacious music. Thank you for sharing them with us. So much love ?❤️?

You went so quietly and so suddenly….. I still can’t believe you have gone. You helped me a lot emotionally when I moved from Yokohama to Hyogo; I freaked out about everything because of the earthquake that happened on 11th March 2011 and things related to it. You had space for me when I desperately needed it, even if we were far away. Thank you for your support and your music for me to dance to. I remember your cooking at “Blue Bells” in Koregaon Park. You didn’t like it when someone suggested to you, “Let’s share the cost for cooking.” You simply enjoyed cooking for your friends spontaneously. It was your pure sharing and love, and your mind couldn’t connect with money. Such a beautiful soul you are… Such a lovely and funny person you are… You bring laughter to your friends wherever you are… I enjoyed all of your home cooking photos on your Facebook these last years. Thank you for being my friend for so many years in those good old days, in the best place in the world. Fly high, beloved Sandesh! See you… one day… Oshoba to the max!

Beloved Sandeshi, I have so much enjoyed seeing the nature photos over these years, the photos of your beautifully decorated and mouthwatering dishes, and then recently the piece of music, the one we have on this page. I enjoyed playing with you and the rest of the boys for workshops, events and meditations in Buddha Hall. Fly high, beloved friend, be good wherever you are now! With love from

Beloved Sandesh, to hear today that you suddenly slipped out of this world, as if through one of those silent gaps between sounds in your music, has opened my heart to let forth a waterfall of tears. I can never forget you as my drummer for African Dance in Buddha Hall, and as my dear friend. Your music dances silently around my tears, and will grace our meditations – fly, fly high, beloved Sandesh!

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