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A selection from Turiya’s abstract paintings.

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I have been drawing and painting since I was very young and have always loved this kind of expression. I studied Painting and Photography in Germany. When I came to Osho in 1975, it was clear that my path was to be working with people. Within a few days of my arrival, I was told by Osho to assist Teertha (now Paul Lowe) in groups. Switching my paintbrush and canvas to encounter groups was a stark difference and terrifying experience.

I remember one time in a darshan; I gave Osho a painting of mine. He looked at it and just put it aside without any commentary. My artistic ego felt shattered, hurt and not recognized. But I got the message… let it go. And so I did.

Many years later, after I had been sick with a heavy dengue fever, I suddenly took out my inks, water colours and pens and started to paint again. It was so different, such a completely new feeling inside. This creativity reemerging, but this time from an empty space, more from ‘loving what is’ and trusting the process. In this new space, I did not need recognition. I did not even need to put my name under the paintings; it was like creating a Zen Haiku.

I wrote this at the time:

Sitting in the morning sun
My heart, full of tender stillness!
The paper is white and empty
The ink dropping from my brush – one by one,
what a creation!

Much later, I sent Osho one of these paintings, just to express my gratitude and appreciation for being in his commune, and with him. And funnily enough, Neelam (Osho’s secretary at that time) told me that Osho was surprised I was doing such beautiful paintings. I had to laugh. Hearing this made me so happy, yet, inside I felt free of seeking appreciation from the outside. What a big step!

Today, painting is like a meditation for me, I sink into a no-mind space and allow that emptiness to carry me into the unknown. It can be very challenging to trust and allow what wants to unfold. I love this process. And as I am not dependent on my income as an artist, I feel free. That makes all the difference for me.


TuriyaTuriya has extensive experience in leading personal development workshops and trainings globally since 1973. She has been trained in Humanistic Psychology (Gestalt, Bio-Energetics, Psychodrama) Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing™ (Peter Levine), Ego Psychology, Family Constellation and Enneagram. Turiya is a co-founder of a process called Path of Love which she leads in Europe, Africa and Australia. –

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