The Great Day


In 1988, Chinmaya (Dunster) had a Utopian vision –

he wrote it down and illustrated it liberally. Later, he turned it into a film, with background music remixed from his then new CD, ‘Gaia’s Garden’.

The book was shown to Osho in 1989; read Osho’s profound comment at the end of the film as given to Chinmaya in its original form.

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Chinmaya DunsterChinmaya was born in 1954 in England and started playing the classical guitar at 15. After taking sannyas in 1982 he took up playing the sarod. The Osho Commune in Pune provided him the ground for musical experiments over the next quarter century and he has released more than 2 dozen CDs (three of them under the band names Bhakti and Akasha). He is actively involved with environmental / social justice issues in his adopted homeland, India, and creates awareness-raising films on these issues. He lives in New Zealand with his partner Naveena and daughter Koyal.

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